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Simplex is the leader in custom designed and engineered industrial products. This form lists basic selections. Our products are modular by design and may be configured in multiples. Enter additional specifications at the bottom of this form in "Special Instructions" as needed. To receive a quote, please complete the form below and press the submit button. If more information is required, a Simplex representative will contact you. Our goal is to be customer focused and we strive to provide our proposals in a timely manner. Thank you for your interest in Simplex products.

For Parts Requests call 800-637-8603 (24 hours a day) or email the Simplex Service Coordinator. We'll respond to your request as rapidly as possible.

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Standard SPS Series Configurations:

Single Pump

Duplex Pump

Duplex Pump cont'd

SPS Series Mechanical Options:

SPS Series Control Devices and Alarms Options:

SPS Series Level Controllers, Gauges, and Fill Controllers Options:

SPS Series Duplex Pump Systems Options:

SPS Series Pump Options (motor size is min.):

Series XL Pumps; Cast Aluminum-

SPS Series Motor Options:

SPS Series Motor Options cont'd:

SPS Series Motor Options cont'd:

SPS Series Motor Starter Options:

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