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MicroStar R

               Precision Air Heater (Load Bank)
               for Hot Aisle/Cold Aisle Testing of Data Center Cooling Systems  •  Page 2


                                                                     Capacity                   Max Amps
                                                     240vAC, 1-ph  230vAC, 1-ph  208vAC, 1-ph     at 240v
                                                       17.5kw         16.1kw       13.15kw         74a

                                                   Thermal Steps

                                                    Section 1*  1.50kw    1.38kw      1.13kw     13.4a
                                                               1.50kw     1.38kw      1.13kw
                                                    Section 2  2.5kw      2.3kw       1.88kw     10.4a
                                                    Section 3  2.5kw      2.3kw       1.88kw     10.4a
                                                    Section 4  2.5kw      2.3kw       1.88kw     10.4a
                                                    Section 5  3.5kw      3.21kw      2.63kw     14.58a
                                                    Section 6  3.5kw      3.21kw      2.63kw     14.58a
                                                   *Section 1 includes .9A control/fan load

                                                   MicroStar: Solid-state speed control, 400-1520 cfm

                                                   Each section above connected via C19 power inlet/plug

                                                   24vDC control via internal power supply
                                                   Unit face mounted controls:
                                                   • Master on-off switch, controls all selected steps, as noted above
                                                   • Individual step switches, rated as noted above
                                                   • Fan speed control dial
                                                   • Fan speed control and high power override (selects higher fan speed above a
                 Rentals supplied packaged in        preset thermal level (ampere level))
                one, two, and three unit cases.    • “On” green LED
                                                   • “Overtemperature” red LED (with master control disconnect)

                                                   Dimensions and Mounting
                                                   Height     10U (17.5 inches)
                                                   Width      Fits 19-inch server rack
                                                   Depth      19 inches
                                                   Weight     45 pounds
                                                   Mounting   Quarter-turn, key lockable tabs
                                                              Adaptor pins for square hole, non-threaded round hole and threaded
                                                              round hole (#10, #12, M6)

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