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                           Rental Duty
                           Rack Mount                         Networkable Precision Air Heater (Load Bank)
                                                        for Hot Aisle/Cold Aisle Testing of Data Center Cooling Systems


                  Simplex MicroStar Precision Air Heaters
                  (Load Banks) enable comprehensive
                  testing of data center hot aisle/cold aisle
                  cooling systems. The MicroStar is a 19-
                  inch rack mountable device
                  (10U high) that can be easily installed
                  into a wide range of standard server
                  racks. Precision heat generation
                  is possible via the integration of
                  adjustable heat levels (load steps)
                  and adjustable airflow (velocity and
                  CFM). The MicroStar is designed and
                  manufactured by Simplex, the leading
                  manufacturer of data center load banks
                  and OEM Generator Production Test

                  The MicroStar is rated up to 17.5kw at
                  240vAC, single-phase, and connects
                  to the rack power distribution bus via
                  standard C19 plugs.
                  Weighing only 45 pounds, the Microstar
                  can be easily rack mounted by a single
                  person. With its exclusive quarter-turn,
                  key-lockable mounting tabs,
                  the Microstar can be installed in any
                  standard rack, including square-hole
                  rails, non-threaded round hole or
                  threaded hole (#10, #12, M6) rails.
                  The MicroStar Precision Heater features
                  six (6) independent heater circuits, each
                  powered from a plug/power inlet.
                  A rack of up to three load banks is
                  locally controlled and monitored from
                  a control “Hub” mounted in the same
                  rack. Up to 66 of these hubs can be
                  networked for central control from a PC.                                Local HMI Control
                  The single 10-inch cooling fan has   Design Features
                  a solid-state variable speed control
                  with safety override to allow precision   •  Precision thermal control of heat load,   •  Over temperature sensor with master
                  adjustment of heat rejection/temperature   temp rise and airflow via step control   disconnect and alarm
                  rise/airflow.                         and fan speed control              •  Internal fuse protection of heat circuits

                  The controlling PLC sets a minimum   •  Standard unit can be installed in any   •  Master control of all steps
                  fan speed based on the load selected.   standard server rack
                  Above the minimum, fan speed may be    •  Exclusive quarter-turn, key lockable   •  Remote master control input (24v)
                  varied as desired.                    mounting tabs                      •  All 24vDC control circuits via internal
                                                                                            power supply
                  Rent or Buy                         •  Light weight (45 pounds)          •  An industrial-duty product by Simplex,
                                                      •  Automatic overload protection: fan   the leading manufacturer of load
                  •  Available to rent at Simplex Onsite  reverts to higher speed above a   banks
                  •  Available to purchase at Simplex, Inc.  preset power level

                                                                                   Rental Centers: Springfield, IL; Atlanta;
                                                                                   Baltimore; Boston; Denver; Houston; Minneapolis

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