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               Networkable Precision Air Heater (Load Bank)
               for Hot Aisle/Cold Aisle Testing of Data Center Cooling Systems  •  Page 2

               System Status At A Glance           Control Flexibility                 User Configurability

               A Microstar Network is controlled from   Each of the icons is also a selector   In addition to all of the previously
               a central laptop, tablet or PC. As seen   button that will bring up the controls and   described control modes, a Group
               above, the control screen conveys all   detailed indications for that rack in the   Control mode is also available.
               essential system information.       Control Field at the right of the screen.   Operators can pre define an unlimited
                                                   In this control mode, “Hub Control,”   number of saved control groups that can
               The left 2/3 of the control screen (the   all three load banks in the rack are   then be called up for control.
               Overview Field) displays a system   controlled as one. Any requested load
               overview for a quick heads up status   will be divided as evenly as possible   As mentioned, the Overview Field is
               report. Each rack of up to three    among the three.                    completely user configured. The Hub
               MicroStar load banks is represented by                                  icons can be custom arranged within a
               a rectangular icon:                 Each load bank’s indication field within   12 x 12 field to reflect the physical layout
                                                   the Hub control field can also be   of the server racks or in any way that
                                                   touched to bring up individual controls   makes sense to the operator.
                                                   and details for that load bank.
                                                                                       Ambient temperature is indicated in the
                                                   In addition to selecting individual hubs   overview screen on a user defined color
                                                   for control, entire rows or columns of   scale and alarms based on measured
                                                   hubs may be selected with the arrow   ambient temperatures are completely
               The individual status of each load bank   shaped buttons to the left and along the   user defined.
               and the total KW applied on the rack   bottom of the Overview Field. In this
               are displayed in the interior of the icon,   mode the same load and fan speed will   The PC controls have been designed
               surrounded by a color ring indicating the   be applied to all hubs within the selected   with either mouse or touchscreen control
               ambient temperature measured at the   row or column.                    in mind for complete operator flexibility
               rack.                                                                   with today’s technology
                                                   In Broadcast Control Mode, all hubs in   options.
               These icons are arranged on the screen    the system are controlled together.
               by the operator  to reflect the physical
               layout of the racks in the data center.
               At the top of this field on the screen is
               a user defined “landmark” indication to
               help orient users to the representation
               on the screen.

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