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                                                                      Networkable Precision Air Heater (Load Bank)
                                                         for Hot Aisle/Cold Aisle Testing of Data Center Cooling Systems  •  Page 3


                                                                        Capacity                    Max Amps
                                                        240vAC, 1-ph   230vAC, 1-ph  208vAC, 1-ph    at 240v
                                                           17.5kw        16.1kw        13.15kw         74a

                                                      Thermal Steps

                                                       Section 1   1.25kw     1.15kw     0.9kw       5.2a
                                                       Section 2   1.25kw     1.15kw     0.9kw       5.2a
                                                       Section 3   2.5kw      2.3kw      1.88kw      10.4a
                                                       Section 4   2.5kw      2.3kw      1.88kw      10.4a
                                                       Section 5   2.5kw      2.3kw      1.88kw      10.4a
                                                       Section 6   3.75kw     3.21kw     2.81kw      15.62a
                                                       Section 7   3.75kw     3.21kw     2.81kw      15.62a

                                                      Solid-state speed control, 400-1520 cfm


                                                      Each section above connected via C19 power

                                                      24vDC control via internal power supply
                                                      Locally control up to 3 load banks via
                                                      Remotely control up to 198 networked load
                                                      banks via laptop, tablet or PC
                                                      Control discrete load steps
                    One, two, and three unit cases    Control fan speed beyond minimum required for
                   available for purchase or rental.  load level applied

                                                      Dimensions and Mounting
                                                      Height     10U (17.5 inches)
                                                      Width      Fits 19-inch server rack
                                                      Depth      19 inches
                                                      Weight     45 pounds
                                                      Mounting   Quarter-turn, key lockable tabs
                                                                 Adaptor pins for square hole,
                                                                 non-threaded round hole and
                                                                 threaded round hole (#10, #12, M6)

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