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Rental Duty                                      PowerStar-110R
                     Dual-Voltage Load Bank
                      208-240/416-480v, 3-phase;                                        110 KW Digital Load Bank
                            240v, 1-phase                                                  with Network Capability

                  •  Rugged, portable workhorse
                  •  Parallel/network up to 40 units
                  •  Single point control, data acquisition
                  •  Includes slip over aluminum storage,
                    transport cover

                  The Simplex PowerStar Portable Load
                  Bank is an ultra-compact, lightweight,
                  versatile test instrument specially
                  designed for manufacturers, dealers and
                  users of small AC power systems, to
                  110KW nominal. It is suitable for testing
                  engine generators, wind generators,
                  UPS systems, ground power units,
                  auxiliary power units, static inverters
                  or virtually any other AC power source
                  on the production line, in the service
                  shop or in the field. It can be applied
                  at all common AC voltages to 480V
                  maximum, 50-60 Hertz, single or
                  The Powerstar is a digitally controlled
                  load bank with network capability. All
                  control is via a hand-held touchscreen
                  controller connected to the load bank
                  via a supplied RS-232 network cable.
                  The load bank includes a digital power
                  transducer with meter displays on
                  the touchscreen. Load applied via a
                  touchscreen keypad in manual steps
                  or an auto-jog function. Any number
                  of Powerstar Load Banks can be
                  networked together via RS-232 cables
                  connected from the “out” connector on
                  the first unit to the “in” connector on the
                  next, and then “out-to-in” in succession
                  until the desired number of units are   Parallel and network up to 40 Powerstar Load Banks with control and data
                  connected. All control and metering   acquisition from a single controller. When networked, load is proportioned
                  is provided from a single hand-held   equally across all load banks. System automatically sequesters failed unit.
                  controller. All instrumentation values
                  for the total network are summed and   Features
                  displayed on the master controller.
                  The PowerStar is highly portable and   •  Increased capacity to 110KW   •  Cam-Lok power connectors
                  easily transported to the job site. The   •  UL Listed, United States and Canada  •  Operate fans and controls from 120v
                  Load Bank includes casters, lifting and   •  Lightweight and compact      wall outlet, 15’ cord provided
                  moving handles. Power connections are   •  Portable, self-contained     •  Forced air cooled
                  plug-in to Cam-Lok connectors. Control                                  •  Comprehensive malfunction detection
                  and cooling fan power is obtained from   •  “Powr-Web” elements           system:
                  a common 115v, 15A outlet via the   •  Branch circuit fuse protection of load
                  included connection cord.           •  Digital Load Control: Manual –or-     -  Overtemperature, fan failure,
                                                                                              overvoltage protection and alarms
                                                        Auto-Jog feature                  •  Continuous duty
                                                      •  Use at all common 50 or 60 Hertz
                                                        voltages, to 480V AC              •  Aluminum “slip-over” cover with
                                     LISTED           •  Digital Power Transducer, standard:   handles for added protection while
                                                        Volts, Amps, Frequency, Kw          transporting

                                                                                   Rental Centers: Springfield, IL; Atlanta;
                                                                                   Baltimore; Boston; Denver; Houston; Minneapolis

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