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Rental Duty                                          MERLIN 500R
                     Dual-Voltage Load Bank
                              416-480v                                               500KW Resistive Load Bank

                  •  Rental Duty Portable Load Bank
                  •  500kw Resistive
                  •  Re-connectable 416v, 480v 100%
                    rated both voltages
                  •  Analog Load Control

                  The Simplex MERLIN-500R, is a
                  RENTAL-DUTY Portable Load Bank
                  designed specifically for data center
                  application in the commissioning and
                  testing of chiller plants, generator
                  systems and UPS systems. The Merlin
                  is a medium capacity, fully portable,
                  resistive load bank system. Loads
                  are arranged and stepped, manual
                  application. Unique to the Merlin-500R
                  is the 100%, 500kw rating at both 416v
                  and 480v via user toggle switch.

                  The Merlin control panel includes
                  test instrumentation, load application
                  switches, operation indicator lights and
                  fan/control power switch. The Load
                  Bank includes rugged “Powr-Web”     Features
                  load elements, load control contactors,
                  branch circuit fuse protection of the   •  Exceptionally rugged, all welded,
                  load elements, high temperature power   formed steel chassis
                  wiring, cooling fan with circuit breaker,   •  Hinge-open control section door
                  control power fuses. The Load Bank   •  Lifting eyes, forklift channels and
                  is protected against fan failure, high   casters
                  intake air temperature, high exhaust air
                  temperature, and overvoltage.       •  Moving handle
                                                      •  “PowrWeb” Load Elements
                  Merlin Load Banks are built on a formed
                  and welded steel chassis that is both   •  Branch circuit fuse protection
                  rugged and lightweight. For flexible   •  Horizontal airflow
                  portability, the Merlin includes casters,
                  lifting eyes and forklift channels. Airflow   •  Cam-Type Connections
                  through the unit is horizontal with
                  cooling provided by a cast aluminum
                  airfoil type shrouded propeller fan.

                                                                                   Rental Centers: Springfield, IL; Atlanta;
                                                                                   Baltimore; Boston; Denver; Houston; Minneapolis

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