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               500KW Resistive Load Bank  •  Page  2

                                                   Powr-Web Resistive                  Construction
                                                   Load Element
                                                                                       •  Precision calibrated to specific ohmic
                                                                                       •  All load elements are continuously
                                                                                         supported by vibration resistant,
                                                                                         ceramic clad, stainless steel through-

                                                                                       •  Alloy: FeCrAl
                                                                                       •  Maximum continuous temperature
                                                                                         rating: 1920°F
                                                                                       •  Maximum operating temperature as
                                                                                         applied in Load Bank: 1080° F
                                                                                       •  Cool down time from operating to
                                                                                         ambient temperature is 10 seconds.

                                                                                       Branch Circuit Fuse

                                                                                       The load of a resistive load bank
                                                                                       consists of a dense array of open,
                                                                                       uninsulated power resistors mounted
                                                                                       within a cooling air stream. Since
                                                                                       the elements are electrically live, it is
                                                                                       possible for a foreign object to penetrate
                                                                                       the element array and create a short
                                                   Description                         circuit of adjacent elements or a short to
                                                                                       ground. Since the elements are densely
                                                                                       packed, it is possible for a short circuit,
                                                   Simplex Load Banks utilize the “Powr-  once started, to rapidly propagate
                                                   Web” Load Element (a UL Recognized   through the entire element array. As
                                                   Component). The “Powr-Web” is an    a load bank represents a relatively
                                                   advanced design, air-cooled power   large amount of power concentrated
                                                   resistor specifically designed for   within a relatively small volume, a self-
                                                   application to load bank systems. The   propagating, cascading short circuit
                                                   “Powr-Web” is conservatively operated   would have catastrophic results.
                                                   at half the maximum temperature rating
                                                   of the alloy and features a short-circuit-  Simplex virtually eliminates the
                                                   safe design based on continuous     dangers of short circuit through the
                                                   mechanical support of the resistor   use of branch circuit fuse protection of
                                                   by high temperature, ceramic clad   the load elements. Per NEC 110-10,
                                                   stainless steel rods.               protective devices shall clear a fault
                                                                                       without “extensive damage” to the circuit
                                                                                       components. A Simplex Load Bank is
                                                                                       divided into branch circuits of not more
                                                                                       than 50 KW each.

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