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Rental Duty                                                       Electra 700R
                     Dual-Voltage Load Bank
                         208-240/416-480v                                                    700KW  Digital Load Bank
                                                                                                  with Data Acquisition


                  •  High capacity, 700kw
                  •  Dual voltage: 208-240/416-480vAC
                  •  Digital load control, 5 kw resolution
                  •  Touchscreen operator interface
                  •  Data acquisition and recording
                  •  Network units to form large systems

                  The Simplex Electra is a very large
                  capacity, high performance Portable
                  Load Bank designed to provide the
                  manufacturers, distributors and users of
                  large AC generators and UPS systems
                  with sophisticated testing capability.
                  Electra Load Banks feature digital
                  controllers with network control and data
                  acquisition capability. Operator interface
                  is via touchscreen. Load control is via
                  screen keypad. All electrical values
                  display on the screen and are recorded
                  by the system for future data retrieval.
                  Any number of Electra and dynaMITE
                  Load Banks can be combined for large
                  system capacities and networked for
                  central control and data acquisition.

                  The Electra Series is rated 700kw of
                  resistive load at both 240V and 480V,
                  3-phase. It can be applied at any
                  AC voltage to 480V AC, 50-60 Hertz
                  standard, single or 3-phase. Load step   Load Elements:  Simplex “Powr-Web”
                  resolution is 5KW.                  chromium alloy, open wire, continuously
                                                      supported, power resistor.
                                                      Load Control:  3-Pole contactors.
                  UL/CUL Listed
                                                      Load Element Circuit Protection:
                  Digital Control: PLC based control with   Branch circuit fuses. One set of fuses
                  8-inch color TFT touchscreen interface.   each 50KW branch. Fuses are current
                  MODBUS over RS-485 network          limiting type, 200KAIC, 600V.
                  communication. See page 3.
                                                      Cooling System:  3-phase, direct-drive
                  Instrumentation: Digital power      fan, 10,500 CFM.
                  transducer with Ethernet communication
                  to digital controller. Data display on   Malfunction Detection System:
                  touchscreen. Data acquisition and   Protection against fan failure, high
                  recording. See page 3.              exhaust air temperature, high intake
                                                      air temperature, overvoltage and fan
                                                      reversal. Exhaust air temperature
                                                      displays on screen.                 Touch Screen: Easily removable from

                                      LISTED          Control Power Supply:  Dual voltage   panel.
                                                      control power transformer with supply
                                                      power switchable to internal (generator)   Connection: Cam-Type power
                                                      or external.

                                                                                   Rental Centers: Springfield, IL; Atlanta;
                                                                                   Baltimore; Boston; Denver; Houston; Minneapolis

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