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Electra 700R

               700KW Digital Load Bank with Data Acquisition
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                                                                                       •  12’ connection cable set including
                                                   •  Network control cables, 25-foot basic   3-phase power cables, ground cable,
                                                                                         stored in rear compartment
                                                   •  400Hz modification
                                                                                       •  Weather resistant enclosure
                                                   •  Remote control cable extensions
                                                                                       •  Auxiliary inductive load banks with
                                                   •  Simplex AUTO-TEST software for     network control and data capability
                                                     full automation of testing with data
                                                     acquisition and report generation

               Capacity Detail

                                                    FLA                                 KW DETAIL
                Model         KW (1.0pf)     240V         480V       240V/480V     208/416V      380V       240V, 1-ph
                Electra 700R     700         1683          842          700          525          439          467

               Cooling System

                Model             HP         CFM           T, Nom.        T, Max.
                Electra 700R      5.0       12,500         158°F         350°F

               Voltage: Dual Voltage: 240/480V AC,   Control/Fan Power:                Digital Load Step Control
               3-phase Operational at any voltage to
               480V AC maximum, single or 3-phase  •  230/460V, 3-phase, 60 Hertz      Nominal 5.0 kw resolution: direct enter
                                                   •  190/380V, 3-phase, 50 Hertz      any load value and controller will apply
               Frequency: 50, 60 Hertz standard
                                                   •  Switchable internal (generator)-   load within nominal 5kw resolution
               Connection: 3-wire plus ground        external
               Time Rating:  Continuous            •  230/460-115V control power       Digital Load Calibration
                                                     transformer internal to Load Bank.  Versus Voltage
               Ambient Air Temperature:  120°F max  •  15’ external power cord
               Fault Rating:  200KAIC              Net Weight:  1675 lbs.              Controller automatically calibrates loads
                                                                                       for reduced voltage operation.
               Insulation Rating:  600V, 302°F

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