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Trident 1250-R

               Digital Load Bank with Data Acquisition
               Rental Duty 600KW - 1250KW  •  Page  4


               Heavy-duty, purpose-built for the
               application, tandem axle trailer:

               Construction: Structural steel chassis,
               steel deck, all welded, built to DOT
               specification, NTM DOT certification

               Capacity: 8,000-10,400 GVWR
               Axles: Tandem
               Hitch: 2-5/16” ball hitch OR 3” pintle
               Tires: (4) 225/75R15, load range D
               Brakes: Electric with breakaway system
               or hydraulic surge, mechanical parking
               Suspension: Leaf springs

               Features: Safety chains, DOT LED
               lighting with connector, reflectors, tie
               down rings, rear stabilizers, front lift
               jack, mud deflectors
               Standard Finish: Dark gray
               polyurethane with epoxy primer.

               Optional Finishes: Customer selected
               color. Undercoating. LINE-X overall
               protective coating. Hot dip galvanizing.

               Cable Connections

               Cam-Lock style cable connectors behind
               hinged door. 4/0, 400A. Snap-back
               protective covers. Also available orange-

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