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Trident 2500R

                                                                              Digital Load Bank with Data Acquisition
                                                                                          1500KW - 2500KW  •  Page  7

                  Digital Control and Data
                  Acquisition System

                  PLC based digital control with 8-inch
                  color TFT touchscreen operator

                  •  Control power source and voltage
                    level detection
                  •  Malfunction detection and protection
                  •  Direct access (keypad) load control
                  •  Alternate mimic panel load control
                  •  Basic automation of load control
                  •  Field adjustable exhaust temperature
                    limits with temperature display
                  •  Built-in control from customer supplied

                  Digital power transducer to digital                                                        Main Screen
                  controller and meter displays on
                  •  3-phase voltage (each, L-L)
                  •  3-phase current (each line)
                  •  Frequency
                  •  KW

                  Data Acquisition
                  •  Captures and records all electrical
                  •  Start recording/stop recording screen        Monitoring Screen             Metering Trends Screen
                  •  One second sample rate
                  •  Exports text file to detachable flash
                    drive which plugs into USB port

                  MODBUS (standard) or BacNet
                  •  Load applied
                  •  Each electrical value as above

                                                                 Diagnostics Screen                 Maintenance Screen

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