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Rental Duty                                                         TITAN-600R
                     Dual Voltage Load Bank
                              240-480v                                                       600KW Load Bank System
                                                                                                  Variable Power Factor

                  •  Rental Duty Portable Load Bank
                  •  750kva, 0.8 Power Factor
                  •  600kw Resistive
                  •  450kvar Inductive
                  •  Adjustable Power Factor
                  •  Internally re-connectable dual voltage,
                    240/480Vac, 3-phase
                  •  Digital Load Control
                  •  Capable of Parallel Operation and
                    Control to Form Large Systems

                  The Simplex Titan-600 R is a large
                  capacity, fully portable, resistive/
                  reactive Load Bank System intended
                  for field use in testing, maintenance and
                  performance proving of large generating
                  systems. The Titan-600 R is rated
                  600kw, 450kvar and is user configurable
                  for operation at 240/480v. The Titan-
                  600R is typically used to test large
                  diesel generators, turbines, paralleled
                  generators and shipboard generators.

                  The Titan-600R is an extremely rugged,
                  compact portable design featuring
                  4-sided hinged door access, monolithic
                  welded frame, heavy duty skid base
                  with forklift channels. Air intakes are
                  via louvered inlets with hinged storage/
                  transport covers and motorized top
                  mounted exhaust louver.
                                                        CAPACITY:       240/480v, 3-phase, 60 hertz:
                  Airflow is vertical. The Titan-600R                   750kva, 0.8 power factor
                  is suitable for all-weather operation,                600kw resistive, 450kvar inductive, 1803/901A
                  transport and storage.  The enclosure                 208/416v, 3-phase, 60 hertz:
                  is equipped with forklift channel, lifting            562.5kva, 0.8 power factor
                  eyes and tie-down D rings.
                                                                        450kw resistive, 337.5kvar inductive, 1563/781A
                  The Titan digital controller allows for   VOLTAGE:    240/480v, 3-phase, 60 Hertz
                  local or remote operation and includes
                  a digital power transducer for display of   FREQUENCY:   60 Hertz, 50 Hertz at reduced voltage
                  volts-amps-hertz-kw-kvar-power factor.
                  Data acquisition and recording capability   LOAD STEPS:   Digital load control, 5 kw, 3.75 kvar resolution
                  is included. The Titan can be networked   DUTY CYCLE:  Continuous
                  to any number of other Titan load banks,
                  or to any other large Simplex Load    AMBIENT  TEMP.:  125°F
                  Bank, including the Load Cube, Load
                  Ranger, Solar-5 or Vulcan. Networking   EXHAUST RISE:  220°F
                  allows the formation of very large
                  load bank systems with centralized,   AIRFLOW:        Approx 25,000 cfm divided between two cooling fans
                  single-point operator control and data
                  acquisition.                          CONTROL         Internal, derived from power source under load, 240/480v,
                                                                        3-phase, 60 Hertz.
                  All power connections are to Cam-Lock                 Control circuits at 120v via internal isolation transformer.
                  style connectors.                                     Fan motor load: 2 x 5hp, 26/13A.
                                                                        Control power load: 3.0 kva, 6.25A.

                                                                                   Rental Centers: Springfield, IL; Atlanta;
                                                                                   Baltimore; Boston; Denver; Houston; Minneapolis

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