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                  Sizing and Running Cables           Heat and Airflow                    Safety
                  Rental cables listed in this catalog should be   The user needs to appreciate how hot a load   Load banks are not inherently dangerous but
                  operated at approximately 85% maximum of   bank gets and how much hot air is produced.   there are dangers that exist with operation
                  their open air current rating. Ampere ratings   As a guide, temp rise (F) = KW x 3000/CFM.    of load banks. This is a technical, industrial
                  listed are the NEC free air ratings. Cables   Load banks are heat producing devices   product and should only be set-up and
                  listed are suitable for wet or dry aboveground   and must be ventilated. Observe the CFM   operated by trained, technical personnel
                  use and should be run in a well ventilated   capacity of the load bank and be certain that   who are specifically authorized by the renter.
                  area. Keep cable splice points out of water.   equivalent air intake is provided. If operated   Be certain that all equipment is properly
                  3-phase cables must be of absolutely equal  indoors, be cautious to prevent recirculation   grounded. Carefully check cables for wear
                  length, especially when multiple cables  of exhaust air and observe ambient   and tear, insulation damage. Check all cam-
                  are run per phase. Run 3-phase cables  temperatures. Do not operate vertical airflow   lock connectors that connections are made
                  in 3-phase groupings, ideally arrayed in a  load banks under a close ceiling. Maintain a   sound and tight including both connector
                  triangle, but at least side-by-side. Never  max ambient of no more than 125°F. Load   mating (the connector twist-tightens) and
                  separate phases into A-B-C clusters as this  banks greater than 110kw (Powerstar 110)   the cable within the connector. Be certain
                  can lead to electromagnetically induced  are ideally operated outdoors and extreme   that cables are phased correctly. A circuit
                  current imbalances, voltage drops and cable  caution should be exercised in the 100-700kw   breaker or fuse set is required at the power
                  overheating.                        range. Above 700kw, an indoor space would   source sized appropriately for the conductor
                                                      have to be voluminous and well ventilated.   run. Be sure to run adequate ampacity
                  Ground Cables                       Indoors, note the presence of sprinkler heads   of cables. Check that generator voltage
                  Run at least 33% ground capacity. Connect   as the load bank WILL ACTIVATE sprinklers   corresponds to load bank voltage. Check
                  ground cables to ground terminals or ground   very quickly. Outdoors, be observant of   correct airflow direction and if it is necessary
                  bar in the load bank. Connect the other end   adjacent equipment, buildings, plantings.   to reverse cooling fan direction, allow fan to
                  to the generator ground. Be sure that the   Operate in an area with clear sky above.   fully stop before reversing. Provide the CFM
                  generator is solidly grounded to earth ground.   Avoid putting the load bank in a virtual pit   required at an ambient not to exceed 125°F.
                  Avoid multiple earth grounds as this can lead   by surrounding it with tall walls or buildings.   Be observant of airflow restrictions and
                  to potential differences among the ground   Space multiple load banks 4-6 feet apart,   recirculation of airflow. Be careful that foreign
                  points with resultant circulating ground   greater with larger units.   objects are not drawn into cooling intakes.
                  currents.                                                               Do not operate indoor load banks in the rain.
                                                                                          Observe common and accepted practices
                                                                                          when operated high voltage electrical
                                                                                          equipment. Note that load bank exterior,
                                                                                          exhaust screens and other sheet metal parts
                                                                                          can be very hot. Wear hearing protection as

                  Rental Load Bank Considerations

                  1. Capacity required for the test: KW,  5. Control requirements: local/remote,
                    power factor, Voltage               manual/automatic
                  2. Rental Load Bank System          6. Data acquisition requirements
                    Architecture: one unit or multiple  7. Connection cable requirements
                    networked units
                  3. Site conditions for the test: indoor/  8. Technician/operator requirements
                    outdoor, ventilation and access   9. Other accessories needed
                    limitations, environmental conditions
                  4. Duration of test, if system is to remain
                    set-up for long periods

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