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               Rental Duty 2500KW Load Bank System
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                                                   Powr-Web Resistive Load Element

                                                   Description                         Specifications

                                                   Simplex Load Banks utilize “Powr-   •  Alloy: FeCrAl
                                                   Web” load elements. The “Powr-Web”   •  Maximum continuous temperature
                                                   is an advanced design, air-cooled     rating: 1920°F
                                                   power resistor specifically designed for
                                                   application to Load Bank systems. The   •  Maximum operating temperature as
                                                   “Powr-Web” is conservatively operated   applied in Load Bank: 1080° F
                                                   at half the maximum temperature rating   •  Cool down time from operating to
                                                   of the alloy and features a short-circuit-  ambient temperature is 10 seconds.
                                                   safe design based on continuous
                                                   mechanical support of the element by   Construction
                                                   high temperature, ceramic clad stainless
                                                   steel rods. The “Power Webs” are    •  Ceramic clad, stainless steel through-
                                                   assembled into discrete trays which are   rods.
                                                   assembled in a vertical “stack.”  Each
                                                   tray in the “stack” is independently   •  UL Recognized
                                                   serviceable without disturbing adjacent

                                                   Inductive Load Elements             Specifications

                                                   The Simplex inductive load banks    Tolerance:                5%
                                                   consist of discrete iron-core load
                                                   elements. These are non-saturable,   Maximum Harmonic Distortion:  1%
                                                   air gap calibrated, air cooled devices
                                                   and are field replaceable. Standard   Power Factor:           .05
                                                   elements have a temperature sensor
                                                   embedded in the windings to detect   Insulation:              220°C
                                                   element overheating and through the
                                                   module malfunction detection system,   Cooling:               Air
                                                   disconnect the load elements and
                                                   activate an alarm. Standard elements
                                                   are varnish coated; epoxy coatings are
                                                   available for severe environments.

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