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                RACK MOUNT                         AIR-COOLED, PORTABLE                AIR-COOLED, TRAILER
                Microstar-R                        Infinity-200R                       Trident-1250R

                                                   200kw, 240v/480v; 150kw, 208/416v;   1250kw, 240v/480v; 1250kw, 600v;
                17.5kw, 240-1v; 13.15kw, 208-1v    133kw, 240-1v                       938kw, 208/416v

                RACK MOUNT                         AIR-COOLED, PORTABLE                AIR-COOLED, TRAILER
                Microstar-R Network                dynaMITE-400R                       Trident-2500R

                                                   400kw, 240v/480v; 300kw, 208/416v;   2500kw, 240v/480v; 2500kw, 600v;
                Digital PC Networkable             267kw, 240-1v                       1875kw, 208/416v

                AIR-COOLED, HAND CARRY              AIR-COOLED, PORTABLE               AIR-COOLED, FORK-CRANE-SEMI
                Swft-e-R                            Merlin-500R                        Titan-600R

                                                                                       750kva, 0.8 p.f.; 600kw, 450kvar,
                15kw, 120/240v, 1-ph.              500kw, 416/480v                     240/480v

                AIR-COOLED, PORTABLE                AIR-COOLED, PORTABLE               AIR-COOLED, FORK-CRANE-SEMI

                PowerStar-110R                      Electra-700R                       Mini Load Cube-R

                110kw, 240v/480v; 82.5kw, 208/416v;                                    1563kva, 0.8 p.f., 1250kw, 937.5kvar,
                73.4kw, 240-1v                      700kw, 240/480v; 525kw, 208/416v   480/600/690v

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               Rental Centers: Springfield, IL; Atlanta; Baltimore; Boston; Denver; Houston; Minneapolis  Design subject to change without notice.

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