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               Rental Duty 2500KW Load Bank System
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               Dimensions and
               Key Features

               Load Bank Features                                                      Load Bank Control
               1.  Portable, self-contained        7.  Type 3R weatherproof construction   •  Remote digital load control and data
                    a.  Lifting eyes                  suitable for all-weather transport   acquisition.
                    b.  Forklift channels             and use                          •  PLC based load control with remote
                    c.  Heavy skid base            8.  PLC based digital control with    operator interface control.
                    d.  Suitable for direct transport by   remote operator interface terminal
                      standard flat bed truck           a.  Direct access digital load   •  Direct access digital load control in
               2.  Horizontal airflow                     control                        increments of 10kw, 7.5 kvar.
               3.  Intake and exhaust louvers with      b.  User programmable automatic   •  Operator programmable automatic
                                                                                         test routines.
                   linear actuator power operator and     load control
                   protective screen               9.  Data acquisition system         •  Digital Power Meter with data
               4.  Four-sided service access via        a.  Digital Power Meter          acquisition software.
                   hinged doors with lockable, flush    b.  Data acquisition software for
                   latches                                use with user supplied PC    Optional Equipment
               5.  Power cable connection behind   10.  Tray mounted resistive load    •  Data acquisition systems
                   hinge-up door. Cables connect to   elements
                   full rated copper bus bar       11.  Rack mounted inductive load    •  Remote controller, suitcase-style or
               6.  Control connection to plug-in      elements                           panel mount
                   connectors located within recessed   12.  Forced air interior cooling  •  Cam-Lok quick connection panels
                   side well                                                           •  Non-standard voltage ratings
                                                                                       •  Multi-unit control

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