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Rental Duty                                                           SATURN-R
                     Dual-Voltage Load Bank
                              480-600v                                               3200/2720KW Load Bank System


                  •  Rental Duty Portable Load Bank
                  •  3200kw Resistive at 600vAC
                  •  2720kw Resistive at 480vAC
                  •  Configurable for 480v, 600v
                  •  Digital Load Control
                  •  Capable of Parallel Operation and
                    Control to Form Large Systems


                  A versatile and capable test instrument,
                  the Simplex SATURN-R Rental Duty
                  Load Bank provides high power,
                  dual voltage capability in a compact,
                  rugged and portable package. A UL/
                  CUL Listed Product, the Saturn-R hits
                  the high power mark at 3200kw/600v
                  or 2720kw/480v. Digital load control
                  provides the user with direct, keypad
                  entry load control and allows networking
                  of multiple units. All power connections
                  are via Cam-Type connectors. Pass-
                  through bus bar design with Cam-      CAPACITY:       3200kw Resistive at 600vAC;
                  Type connectors on both sides allow                   2720kw Resistive at 480vAC
                  the paralleling of an inductive load
                  bank with totalized instrumentation   VOLTAGE:        Reconnectable: 480v, 600v, 3-phase, 60 Hertz
                  and single-station digital load control.
                  Electrically operated exhaust louvers   FREQUENCY:    60 Hertz, 50 Hertz at reduced voltage
                  plus hinge-open inlet doors allow     LOAD STEPS:     Digital load control, 25 kw resolution. Circuits of
                  the load bank to be closed up tight
                  for transport then operated outdoors                  25-25-25-25–100–100–200–250–250–500–1000 kw
                  in all-weather conditions. Control    DUTY CYCLE:     Continuous
                  is digital with touchscreen operator
                  interface. Operator controller can be   AMBIENT  TEMP.:  125°F
                  local or remote. Multiple units are easily
                  networked.                            EXHAUST RISE:  220°F
                  The enclosure is skidded and includes   AIRFLOW:      Approx 60,000 cfm
                  forklift channels and lifting eyes. Floors   CONTROL   Internal, 600/480V, 3-phase. Control circuits at 120V via
                  are solid permitting placement in non-  POWER:        transformer and 24vDC via power supply. Cooling fan motor at
                  paved areas.
                                                                        line voltage. Control circuits fused, 100,000 A.I.C. current limiting
                                                                        type, 600V fuses. Includes on-board autotransformer to enable
                                                                        dual 480/600v operation
                                                        COOLING FAN:    30.0 HP, 480v, 36.0a, 60 hertz; 600:480v autotransformer
                                                        CONTROL LOAD:  Approx 750VA, 460v, 1.5a
                                                        HEATER LOAD:    2000w, 16.6a, External, 120v, 20A service for heaters and includ-
                                                                        ing power inlet

                                                                                   Rental Centers: Springfield, IL; Atlanta;
                                                                                   Baltimore; Boston; Denver; Houston; Minneapolis

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