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Rental Duty                                           LOAD RANGER-R
                     Dual Voltage Load Bank
                              480-600v                                                3000KW Load Bank System


                  •  Rental Duty Portable Load Bank
                  •  3000kw Resistive
                  •  Configurable for 480v or 600v
                  •  Digital Load Control
                  •  Capable of Parallel Operation and
                    Control to Form Large Systems
                  The Simplex Load Ranger-R is a very
                  large capacity, fully portable, resistive
                  Load Bank System intended for field
                  use in testing, maintenance and
                  performance proving of large generating
                  systems. The Load Ranger-R is rated
                  3000kw and is configurable at the
                  Rental Center for operation at 480v or
                  600v. The Load Ranger-R is typically
                  used to test large diesel generators,
                  turbines, paralleled generators and
                  shipboard generators. For 0.8 power
                  factor testing, combine the Load
                  Ranger-R with the Inductive Load
                  With a purpose-built design consisting
                  of rugged, all-welded, monolithic
                  steel frame, heavy gauge steel sides,
                  guarded hinged doors, power-operated
                  ventilation louvers, the Load Ranger-R
                  is far superior to designs which use
                  refurbished and modified ISO shipping
                  containers. Three-sided access allows
                  ready service of all components and
                  facilitates the ultra-compact design.  CAPACITY:      3000kw, resistive
                  Compact and easily transportable,     VOLTAGE:        Rental Center Configurable: 480v, 600v, 3-phase, 60 Hertz
                  the Load Ranger-R is ideal for rental
                  use. With a footprint of only 8 x 7 feet   FREQUENCY:   60 Hertz, 50 Hertz
                  and a height of less than 8 feet, the   LOAD STEPS:   Digital load control, 5 kw resolution
                  Load Ranger-R is easily transportable
                  by drop-deck flat bed trailer. Lifting   DUTY CYCLE:  Continuous
                  eyes and forklift channels simplify site
                  movement.                             AMBIENT  TEMP.:  125°F
                  The Load Ranger-R utilizes digital    EXHAUST RISE:  220°F
                  load control for direct access of load
                  values, block transitions, and user   AIRFLOW:        Approx 60,000 cfm divided between two cooling fans
                  programmable automation.              CONTROL         Internal, derived from power source under load. Rental Center
                  The Simplex Load Ranger-R represents   POWER:         Configurable: 480v, 600v, 3-phase, 60 Hertz.
                  the ultimate technology in large                      Control circuits at 120v via internal isolation transformer.
                  generator load testing performance.                   Fan motor load: 2 x 10hp, 13A.
                  They can be digitally networked to other              Control power load: 3.0 kva, 6.25A.
                  Load Rangers or to any large Simplex
                  Onsite rental load bank to form ultra-
                  large systems.

                                                                                   Rental Centers: Springfield, IL; Atlanta;
                                                                                   Baltimore; Boston; Houston; Minneapolis

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