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               Rental Duty 2250KVAR Load Bank System
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               Dimensions and Key Features

               The Load Bank is a completely self-                                     Power Connection
               contained, freestanding unit which
               includes all inductive load elements,                                   Bolt on bus bar and cam-lock style
               load control devices, load element                                      connectors behind hinge-up access
               branch circuit fuse protection, main                                    door.
               load bus and terminals, cooling system,
               control power supply, unit controller and                               Cooling
               malfunction detection system.
                                                                                       Forced air, ducted blowers.
               System Protection
               Sensors, alarms (alarm message on
               operator interface terminal), lock-outs as                              Type 3R control section; Type 3R power
               appropriate, for the following:                                         section. Epoxy primed, polyurethane
               •  Fan failure, each of two fans                                        finish coating, dark gray and transport,
               •  High exhaust temperature                                             storage D-rings. Lifting eyes, forklift
               •  High intake temperature                                              channels, hinged, lockable, access
                                                                                       doors with flush latches.
               •  High interior temperature
               •  Louver open/closed               Load Elements
                                                   Inductive elements: Non-saturable,
                                                   air-gap type, iron-core power inductors.
                                                   5% tolerance, 1% waveform distortion,
                                                   0.05 power factor, 150°C rise, 220°C

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