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               5 MVA, 0.8 P.F. Container Load Bank  •  Page 2

               General Specifications              Principle Systems

               Capacity:  5.0MVA, 0.8 power factor  The Load Bank is a completely self-contained, freestanding unit which includes all
                        4.0MW, resistive           load elements, load control devices, load element branch circuit fuse protection, main
                        3.0MVAR, inductive         load bus and terminals, cooling system, control power supply, digital controller with
               Voltage:  Single voltage, specify one:   data acquisition and  malfunction detection system and weatherproof enclosure.
                        480vAC, 3-phase, 3-wire    Resistive Load Elements: Simplex Powr Web: Open wire, helically wound,
                        600vAC, 3-phase, 3-wire    chromium alloy, load element thermally derated to 60%. 5% tolerance, 2% balance.
                        690vAC, 3-phase, 3-wire    .995 p.f. Element wire mechanically supported over entire length such that if a wire
                        416vAC, 3-phase, 3-wire    should break, the broken wire segments will not short to adjacent conductors or to
                        380vAC, 3-phase, 3-wire    ground. UL Recognized
                        De-rates as the square of the
                        voltage beneath these      Inductive Load Elements: Iron-core, non-saturable air-gap type, with aluminum
                        voltages.                  windings, varnish/epoxy coated. 150C rise. 220C insulation
               Frequency:  60 Hertz or 50 Hertz,   Load Control: Branch circuit contactors, each 50 KW resistive circuit max, each 75
                          specify one              KVAR inductive circuit max. Contactors have enclosed silver surfaced contacts, 120V
               Load Steps:  5KW / 3.75KVAR digital  coils; electrically operated and electrically held.  Contactors are IEC type
                          load step resolution     Element Circuit Protection: Branch circuit fuses, each 50KW resistive branch circuit
               Duty Cycle:  Continuous             max, 75KVAR inductive circuit max.  , 600v, 200kAIC, current limiting type.
               Ambient Temp.:  125°F               Power Wiring: 150°C insulated; color-coded and numbered.
               Exhaust Rise:  150°F (hot spot temps
                            to 500°F)              Control Wiring: 105°C numbered
               Airflow Required: 75,000 CFM        Power Connection: Plated copper bus bar for bolt-on cable connections, behind
               Control Power:                      hinged door and Cam-Lock style plug-in connectors, bulkhead mounted behind
                                                   hinged door. 400A, 4/0 connectors.
               Selectable internal or external.
               External power requirements:        Cooling: Forced air, vertical airflow, top exhaust.  3 x 15HP, 3-phase, TEFC motor
                                                   direct driving cast aluminum fan blades. Circuit breaker combination motor starters.
                   3 x 15HP cooling fan motors     Electrically powered exhaust louvers, via linear actuator, with position indicating
                   Control power load: 10.0 KVA
                                                   output. Manual air intake doors with door limit switches
               Purpose-built, container style steel   System Protection: Sensors, alarms, lock-outs as appropriate, for the following: Fan
                                                   Failure, High Exhaust Temperature, High Intake Temperature, Exhaust Louver Open/
               enclosure with ISO 20’ container    Closed, Each Louver, Intake Door Open Closed, Access Door Open, Each Door, Fan
               dimensions, corner locking pins.    Motor Overload, and Emergency Stop.
               Outdoor weatherproof. Painted dark
               grey polyurethane over epoxy primer.
               Dimensions: 240” W x 96” D x 100” H
               Net Weight: Approx. 30,000 pounds

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