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                                                              5 MVA, 0.8 P.F. Container Load Bank  •  Page 3


                  Dual voltage with reduced overall

                  Addition of capacitive load to 0.90 p.f.
                  leading, with reduced overall capacity
                  Special use construction
                  Highway trailer and trailer accessories
                  -Cable reels
                  -Power cable sets
                  Infinitely variable load control
                  Automation software                 Solar-5 with all ventilation and service doors closed and ready for transport.

                  Windows PC control software
                  Remote control packages
                  -Suitcase controller
                  -Remote control cables/reels
                  Enclosure options
                  -Custom paint colors and markings
                  -Stainless steel construction

                                                       Purpose built enclosure insures ample interior space and service access. Shown
                                                       above are readily accessible inductive elements.

                  The touchscreen operator interface
                  mounted in a protective enclosure is   Solar-5 is equipped with two means of power cable connection: copper bus bars for
                  removable for remote control.       bolted connection of cables and Cam-Lock style connectors.

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