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               2.5MW-50.0MW, 0.8 P.F. to 15KV
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               LOAD CUBE R

               2500KW Load Bank System
               Variable Power Factor

               •  Rental Duty Portable Load Bank
               •  3125kva, 0.8 Power Factor
               •  2500kw Resistive
               •  1875kvar Inductive
               •  Adjustable Power Factor
               •  Configurable for 480v, 600v, 690v
               •  Digital Load Control
               •  Capable of Parallel Operation and
                 Control to Form Large Systems

               The Simplex Load Cube is an ultra-
               large capacity , fully portable, resistive/
               reactive Load Bank System intended
               for field use in testing, maintenance
               and performance proving of large
               generating systems. The Load Cube
               is rated 2500kw, 1875kvar and is
               configurable at the Rental Center for
               operation at 480v, 600v, or 690v. The
               Load Cube is typically used to test large
               diesel generators, turbines, paralleled   The Simplex Load Cube represents the
               generators and shipboard generators.  ultimate technology in large generator
                                                   load testing performance.
               With a purpose-built design consisting
               of rugged, all-welded, tubular steel   CAPACITY:     3125 kva, 0.8 power factor;
               frame, heavy gauge steel sides,                      2500kw, resistive; 1875 kvar, inductive
               guarded hinged doors, power-operated
               ventilation louvers, the Load Cube   VOLTAGE:        Rental Center Configurable: 480v, 600v, 690v, 3-phase, 60 Hertz
               is far superior to designs which use
               refurbished and modified ISO shipping   FREQUENCY:   60 Hertz, 50 Hertz at reduced voltage
               containers. Four-sided access allows
               ready service of all components and   LOAD STEPS:    Digital load control, 10 kw, 7.5 kvar resolution. Circuits of
               facilitates the ultra-compact design.                10–20–20–50–100–100–200–250–250–500–1000 kw
                                                                    7.5–15–15–37.5–75–75–150–187.5–187.5–375–750 kvar
               Compact and easily transportable, the
               Load Cube is ideal for rental use. With a   DUTY CYCLE:  Continuous
               footprint of only 8 x 10 feet and a height   AMBIENT  TEMP.:  125°F
               of less than 9 feet, the Load Cube
               is easily transportable by drop-deck   EXHAUST RISE:  220°F
               flat bed trailer. Lifting eyes and forklift
               channels simplify site movement.     AIRFLOW:        Approx 60,000 cfm divided between two cooling fans
               The Load Cube utilizes digital load   CONTROL        Internal, derived from power source under load. Rental Center
               control for direct access of load    POWER:          Configurable: 480v, 600v, 690v, 3-phase, 60 Hertz.
               values, block transitions, and user                  Control circuits at 120v via internal isolation transformer.
               programmable automation. A selection                 Fan motor load: 2 x 10hp, 13A.
               of digital power meters and data                     Control power load: 3.0 kva, 6.25A.
               acquisition software is available.

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