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                                                                                       2.5MW-50.0MW, 0.8 P.F. to 15KV
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                  3500 KVA


                  Substation Type
                  3500 kVA,
                  Tapped Primary:
                  Tapped Secondary

                  •  kVA: 3500, 65°C Rise, 5.75%
                    impedance, 85°C
                  •  Insulating Liquid: Mineral Oil, “Non-
                    PCB.”, 780 GAL
                  •  Three Phase, Class-Onan, 60Hertz
                  •  BIL - H.V/L.V 95kV / 30kV
                  •  Conductor MAT: H.V./L.V - AL/AL
                  •  Primary Voltages: 2400v, 4160v,     3500 kVA substation transformer
                    6928v, 7200v, 7620v, 7970v, 8320v,   4 each high voltage bushings in full length enclosure with 4-hole spades
                    12,000v, 12,470v, 13,200v, 13,800v,
                    14,400v                              7 each low voltage bushings in full length enclosure with 6-hole spades
                  •  Secondary Voltages: 600Y/346v,      Aluminum windings
                                                         Mineral oil filled
                                                         Pressure relief valve
                  High Voltage   480Y/277 x 600Y/346
                                                         Filler plug with Schrader valve
                                                         Oil level gauge, temperature gauge with dual contacts and pressure vacuum
                                                         1” drain valve with sampler
                                                         Externally operated no load tap changer
                                                         Externally operated no load dual voltage switch
                                                         Externally operated no load delta-wye switch
                                                         Forklift pockets
                                                         Gas sample valve

                                                         NEMA 4 control box
                                                         2” drain valve with oil sampler
                                                         3” square tubing protective cage
                                                         Diagrammatic corrosion resistant nameplate
                                                         Furnished with Standard ANSI accessories

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