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                     Rental Duty                                                   ULTRA-LARGE RENTAL SYSTEMS

                                                                                                   5-100 MW, to 34.5 kV

                  Overview                            Low Voltage Load Bank Module        Digital power transducer to monitor
                                                                                          volts-amps-hertz-KW. Network
                  Very large capacity, portable Load Bank   •  Total Capacity: 5.0MW, 1.0 power   communication is via Modbus-TCP over
                  System consisting of multiple units,   factor                           Ethernet.
                  each rated 5.0MW, capable of parallel   •  Voltage: 480vAC, 3-phase, 3-wire
                  operation to form very large systems of   (from transformer)            Power Distribution
                  up to virtually unlimited capacity.   •  Frequency: 60 Hertz            Switchgear
                  Medium voltage to 34.5kV.           •  Load steps: 50KW step resolution
                  Includes:                                                               For connection of system of multiple
                  •  Trailer portable load modules    Transformer Module                  load banks to generator switchgear:
                  •  Portable or fixed mounted distribution                               1. Outdoor, freestanding metal-enclosed
                    switchgear                        •  5.0 MVA, dry type                  power distribution switchgear
                  •  Integrated digital control and data   •  Medium voltage delta: 480Y/277vAC,   consisting of multiple cubicles
                    acquisition system                  60 hertz                          2. 15kV vacuum circuit breaker for each
                  •  Connection accessories           •  Medium voltage, 1200A, 3-pole,     load bank trailer
                                                        manually operable, fixed mounted,
                                                        fusible disconnect                3. Transformer Protection Relay for each
                  Description and                     •  Fused  low voltage outputs         breaker.
                  Specification                                                           4. Instrumentation potential and current
                                                      Trailer                               transformers
                  Each 5.0MW Portable Trailer Load Bank                                   5. Low voltage motor starter and control
                  consists of four (4) principle elements,   •  Highway semi-trailer, “low-boy”, tri-  power cubicle
                  factory packaged as a system:         axle, 48-foot.                    6. Network PLC control
                  1. Low voltage resistive load bank                                      7. Touchscreen operator interface
                    module, 5.0MW, 480vAC             Digital Controller
                  2. Transformer package for medium-                                      Optional Capability
                    voltage operation, 5.0MVA,        PLC-based digital control. Each load
                    MV:480vAC, including 15kV         bank trailer equipped with digital control   •  480v direct load power input
                    disconnect                        system and local operator interface.   •  Second medium voltage input
                  3. Highway semi- trailer integration   Each trailer networked such that entire   •  Medium voltage connection cables
                    of above for portable, highway    trailer can be controlled from a single
                    transportation and outdoor        station. Any system of paralleled trailers   •  Low voltage connection cables
                    weatherproof use                  can be controlled from a single station,   •  Automation software
                                                      either at one trailer or at a remote
                  4. Digital controller for standalone or   station.                      •  Windows PC for single point control
                    multi-unit paralleled operation from a                                  and automation
                    single control station

                                                                                   Rental Centers: Springfield, IL; Atlanta;
                                                                                   Baltimore; Boston; Denver; Houston; Minneapolis

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