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               250KW Resistive Water Cooled Load Bank  •  Page  2

               Dimensions and Key Features

               Load Cell                           Power Wiring                        Sensors
               1 x 250 kW load, consisting of heavy-  150°C insulated; color-coded and   Main manifold flow transducer, 4-20mA;
               gauge, steel housing, load elements,   numbered, XLP insulation         inlet water temp thermocouple, exhaust
               control valves and sensors as described                                 water temp thermocouple; cell pressure.
                                                   Control Wiring
               Load Elements                                                           Enclosure
                                                   90°C, color-coded and numbered
               Immersion type, tubular construction,                                   Type 1 indoor freestanding.  Approx 24”
               stainless steel or Incolloy sheathed,                                   W x 72” H x 36” D.
               chromium-alloy conductor. Screw-plug   Power Connection
               mounting.                                                               Water flow control
                                                   Cam-Type connectors, 1 x 4/0 (400A)
               Load Control                        per phase and 1 x ground. Bulk-head   Equipped with main inlet and outlet
                                                   mount connectors installed on front.   shutoff ball valves, pressure relief valve.
               Triac and Branch circuit contactors,                                    Motorized gate valve on inlet for water
               each 25 kw or 50 kW circuit.                                            flow control.
                                                   System Protection
               Element Circuit Protection          Sensors:  Protection for High water
                                                   temperature; Low water flow; High
               Branch circuit fuses, each 50 kW branch   pressure. Alarm and shutdown upon
               circuit or each step.               failure detection

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