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Rental Duty                                             Portable Multi-Voltage
                     Substation Type Transformer
                      3500 kVA, Tapped Primary:                                      3500 kvA Transformer
                          Tapped Secondary

                  •  kVA: 3500, 65°C Rise, 5.75%         3500 kVA substation transformer
                    impedance, 85°C
                  •  Insulating Liquid: Mineral Oil, “Non-  4 each high voltage bushings in full length enclosure with 4-hole spades
                    PCB.”, 780 GAL                       7 each low voltage bushings in full length enclosure with 6-hole spades
                  •  Three Phase, Class-Onan, 60Hertz    Aluminum windings
                  •  BIL - H.V/L.V 95kV / 30kV           Mineral oil filled
                  •  Conductor MAT: H.V./L.V - AL/AL     Pressure relief valve
                  •  Primary Voltages: 2400v, 4160v,     Filler plug with Schrader valve
                    6928v, 7200v, 7620v, 7970v, 8320v,
                    12,000v, 12,470v, 13,200v, 13,800v,   Oil level gauge, temperature gauge with dual contacts and pressure vacuum
                    14,400v                              gauge
                  •  Secondary Voltages: 600Y/346v,      1” drain valve with sampler
                                                         Externally operated no load tap changer
                                                         Externally operated no load dual voltage switch
                  High Voltage   480Y/277 x 600Y/346
                                                         Externally operated no load delta-wye switch
                                                         Forklift pockets
                                                         Gas sample valve
                                                         NEMA 4 control box

                                                         2” drain valve with oil sampler
                                                         3” square tubing protective cage
                                                         Diagrammatic corrosion resistant nameplate
                                                         Furnished with Standard ANSI accessories

                                                                                   Rental Centers: Springfield, IL; Atlanta;
                                                                                   Baltimore; Boston; Denver; Houston; Minneapolis

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