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Auto Test Software

                                                                                  Automated Generator Load Testing,
                                                                           Performance-Proving and Documentation

                                                                               Fully User Customizable Main Window
                                                     Sizes, colors, window placement, graphs and meters displayed can all be user adjusted.

                  Simplex AutoTest Software delivers full   AutoTest runs under Windows XP or   The AutoTest operating screen presents
                  automation of generator load testing   Windows 7. AutoTest communicates   high accuracy digital and analog capture
                  when applied with a load bank system   with the load bank over a dedicated   and display of voltage, amperes,
                  equipped with AutoTest hardware.    Ethernet system.                    frequency, KW, KVAR, power factor.
                  Simplex AutoTest provides user-                                         Running time and accumulated time,
                  definable automated load-test routines,   AutoTest can be user configured for   KW/KVAR-hours, and harmonic analysis
                  pass-fail analysis, data collection and   automated test per specific generator   are also available.
                  report generation. Simplex designed   rating, model, serial number or bar-code
                  and developed the AutoTest Software   scan. Test routines can be user defined   Engine data can be collected as well
                  system specifically for OEM production   as KW versus time, KW @ power   from appropriate network devices. This
                  line test cell use. AutoTest is equally   factor versus time, percent load versus   data can be integrated for pass-fail
                  applicable to field testing, performance-  time, etc. Each routine can be saved to   analysis, displayed on the AutoTest main
                  proving, commissioning and acceptance   memory. Pass-fail performance criteria   operating screen and reported in the test
                  of generator sets. AutoTest is intended   can be pre-set and saved as either   documentation.
                  for use with Simplex resistive and   global set points or as specific generator
                  resistive/reactive load banks, either as   settings. Typical pass-fail criteria are   AutoTest can be networked to central
                  new equipment or as a field upgrade.    voltage error and frequency error under   management systems and data
                  AutoTest can also be applied to other   transient and steady-state loads. Full   collection systems for display of
                  brands of load banks when these load   manual load control is also possible   values and collection of data. AutoTest
                  banks are equipped with AutoTest    with loads entered as direct entries,   equipped load banks can be networked
                  hardware.                           as percents, as analog mimic panel   to parallel individual cells to form a
                                                      switches, or other user configurable   larger virtual test cell.

                                                                                   Rental Centers: Springfield, IL; Atlanta;
                                                                                   Baltimore; Boston; Denver; Houston; Minneapolis

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