Air-Cooled Portable : Merlin R

  Merlin R 500KW Load Bank Rental Overview

Merlin R 500KW Load Bank Rental

The Simplex MERLIN R, is a RENTAL-DUTY Portable Load Bank designed specifically for data center application in the commissioning and testing of chiller plants, generator systems and UPS systems. The Merlin is a medium capacity, fully portable, resistive load bank system. Loads are arranged and stepped, manual application. Unique to the Merlin R is the 100%, 500kw rating at both 416v and 480v via operator toggle switch.

  Merlin R 500KW Load Bank Rental Features

Load Elements
Simplex Powr-Web chromium alloy, open wire, continuously supported, power resistor.
System Controls
Digital Meter.
Fan Reversal, Load Voltage Selector, and Control Voltage Selector switches.
Operator indicator lights: normal operation, over-voltage, fan failure / over-temperature.
Master load toggle switch and load step toggle switches.
3-phase, direct drive fan, 8,000CFM (depending on load configuration).
Casts aluminum air foil type, shrouder propeller fan.
Horizontal airflow - cold air intake from front, hot air exhaust out the rear.
System Protections
Sensors, alarms (alarm message on remote operator interface terminal), lock-outs as appropriate, for the following: fan failure, high exhaust temperature, high intake temperature, high interior temperature (sensed at three points).
Load Circuit Protection: branch circuit fuses. One set of fuses each 50KW branch. Fuses are current limiting type, 200,000 AIC, 600V, enabling safe use on large generating or UPS system.
Load Control
Master load toggle switch and load step toggle switches.
3-pole magnetic contactors.
Operator selectable fan/control power-source:
Internal Power: fan and control circuits powered internally, does not require external power.
External Power: fan and control circuits powered from external 3-phase outlet or other external source.
Control Wiring: 105°C, color coded.
Power Wiring: 150°C XLP color-coded.
Load Connection
Cam-type connectors and external control power cord.
Exceptionally rugged, all welded, formed steel chassis.
Portability features: lifting eyes, forklift channels, casters and moving handle.