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for Power Generation and Liquid Automation

Simplex Load Banks can be used to create systems of unlimited capacity with a wide range of specifications in single load bank units. Add Simplex creativity, engineering excellence and dedication to customer service for a complete power generation solution.

Simplex Load Banks
can be used to create systems of unlimited capacity with a wide range of specifications and options.

Simplex Fuel Supply
components and systems provide active control for delivery, storage, transfer and management of fuel.

The Simplex Triton Integrated Fuel Management System combines critical functions into a single, factory packaged system.

Simplex designs and manufactures Load Banks and Fuel Supply systems for power generation and liquid automation. Simplex is certified to ISO 9001:2015. Used world-wide for mission critical environments in manufacturing, technology, transportation, hospitals, schools, public utilities and the U.S. military, Simplex products provide solutions meeting exact requirements, from the simplest testing and proving equipment for backup generators to custom-designed and engineered mission-critical fuel systems. At Simplex, we are experts at building products that meet our customers' exact requirements.

20 MW, 13.8kV Portable Load Bank System.

20MW, 13.8kV portable load bank system consisting of four Simplex Vulcan-5 Load Banks, each rated 5MW, 13.8kV with 480V direct input / bypass capability. System is digitally networked for central control and data acquisition. Contact Simplex for details and for derivative designs.

Are your engines shutting down because of a
plugged DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter)?

Click here to view the Simplex Johnson Matthey DPF System
that automatically cleans the diesel particulate filter.

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