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About Simplex Onsite

                                                                   Load Bank Rentals & Technical Services • Page 1

                                                                     Who We Are

                                                                     Simplex Onsite, Inc. (SOS) is the rental-equipment affiliate of
                                                                     Simplex, Inc., the leading manufacturer of Load Banks in the U.S.
                                                                     Simplex manufacturing sites are located in Springfield, Illinois
                                                                     (Headquarters) and Duluth, Georgia and total 250,000 square feet.
                                                                     Simplex and SOS jointly operate a nationwide network of rental
                                                                     and service centers.
                                                                     Simplex is a fourth generation, privately held, independent family
                                                                     business in continuous operation since 1938. Unlike most of our
                                                                     competitors, we are truly independent, have never been sold/
                                                                     purchased and trace our ownership and management directly to
                                                                     the founder. At Simplex/SOS, our customers receive the personal
                                                                     service and attention to quality and performance that only a true
                                                                     family organization can deliver.
                                            SPRINGFIELD FACILITY     Rent u Direct

                                                                     At Simplex Onsite, our motto is RENT  u DIRECT. Only from SOS
                                                                     can you rent product directly from the manufacturer and realize
                                                                     the cost and performance benefits of direct rentals. We at Simplex/
                                                                     SOS know how to design, build and apply load banks.

                                                 DULUTH FACILITY

                                                                     Custom / Build u Rent

                                                                     Being the manufacturer, SOS is uniquely able to Build-to-Rent.
                                                                     If what you need is not in our large fleet of rental products, we
                                                                     can Build-to-Rent. In addition, we can customize to your
                                                                     requirements. We are not restricted to inventory.

                                                                     As an affiliate of Simplex, Inc.,
                                                                     SOS draws upon the extensive
                                                                     engineering / manufacturing
                                                                     capabilities and service network
                                                                     of Simplex. SOS offers extensive
                                                                     engineering services to design
                                                                     rental systems and technical
                                                                     services to oversee setup and assure proper operation.

                                                                     Simplex Onsite owns one of the largest and most diverse fleets
                                                                     of rental load banks and accessories in the U.S. with inventory
                                                                     maintained at both factory and regional rental and service centers.

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