Tank Filling Systems : FuelPort

  FuelPort Overview

Simplex Tank Filling Systems - FuelPort

The Simplex FuelPort is a compact, economical solution for simple filling and spill prevention for aboveground storage tanks. The FuelPort includes all valves and fittings necessary for hose connection from a pumper truck to an above ground storage tank, packaged within a lockable, weatherproof spill containment box.

The FuelPort can be bolted to the tank, hung from the fill pipe, attached via clamps to a 3" post or mounted on a stand. The FuelPort is suitable for use with fuel oil or gasoline, automotive products, or certain chemicals.

  FuelPort Features

EQ 481
Weatherproof, lockable box with spill containment
Tank mounting weld brackets (2)
FuelPort mounting tabs to accept weld brackets
Quick disconnect hose coupling with dust plug
Check valve
Shutoff valve
Hand pump for spill containment, with shutoff and check valve
Ground stud
Inlet Connections
Quick detachable coupling with check valve, shutoff ball valve
Couplers and adapters
Outlet Connections
Threaded pipe welded in top panel, NPT threads