Control and Monitoring : TC-9 Fuel Fill Controller

  TC-9 Fuel Fill Controller Overview

Simplex Fuel Systems - Control and Monitoring - TC-9 Fuel Fill Controller

The TC-9 Fuel Fill Controller is an electronic monitor and control system used to control tank filling and prevent overfill. The TC-9 is used with a remote electric solenoid valve or a motorized valve.

During filling operations, the TC-9 provides continuous level indication, Tank Full level audible and visual alarm, High Fuel level audible and visual alarm and shut-off.

The TC-9 can receive a signal from an external tank leak sensor to activate an alarm, send a remote signal and automatically close the fill valve. The TC-9 is for use with fuel oil only.

  TC-9 Fuel Fill Controller Features

Controls and Indicators
Digital percent level indicator
High Fuel red alarm lamp
Tank Full red alarm lamp
Control Power switch
Fill Valve Push to Open pushbutton
Fill Valve Push to Close pushbutton
Push to Silence Alarm Horn pushbutton
Control Power Available indicator lamp
Fill Valve Open indicator lamp
Fill Valve Closed indicator lamp
Tank Leak indicator lamp
90dB audible alarm horn
Type 3R rainproof, lockable enclosure with hinged door
Electronic level sensor for installation in tank - 2" fittings