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Rental Duty                                                        Swift-e R
                        for RV, Marine, and
                     Other Small Generators                                                         Portable Load Bank
                                                                                                           10KW - 20KW


                  10kw, 15kw, 20kw
                  120/240vAC, 2/3-wire, single-phase
                  250w resolution

                  Quick and easy testing of small
                  generators and AC power sources is
                  possible with the Simplex Swift-e.
                  Portable, fully self-contained, lightweight
                  and hand transportable, the Swift-e
                  can be used to test and maintain small
                  engine generators:
                  •  Residential standby
                  •  Contractor generators
                  •  Marine generators
                  •  RV generators
                  •  Small wind turbines
                  The Swift-e is also suitable for other AC
                  power sources:
                  •  120/240v panelboards and distribution
                  •  Inverters
                  •  Small UPS
                  Swift-e’s are available in three versions:
                  •  Swift-e: 10kw
                  •  Swift-e+: 15kw
                  •  Swift-e Ultra: 20kw
                  All versions are:                   Ratings                             Load control: Panel mounted toggle
                                                                                          switches for each load step and master
                  •  Switchable in 250w steps         Swift-e: 10,000 watts, 120/240V AC,   load control. Main contactor for master
                  •  120/240vAC re-connectable        single-phase                        load control/block loading.
                  All control and cooling circuits operate   Swift-e+: 15,000 watts, 120/240V AC,   Load element circuit protection: Main
                  from the source under test. Digital test   single-phase                 circuit breaker with overload/short circuit
                  instrumentation and connections cables                                  trips.
                  are included.                       Swift-e Ultra: 20,000 watts, 120/240V AC,
                                                      single-phase                        Overtemperature sensor to trip main
                  Instrument/Control Panel                                                contactor and activate alarm indicator.
                  Digital Power Meter:                Features                            Overvoltage sensor to protect against
                  •  AC Voltage,  1/2%, + 1 digit     Load elements: Sealed, tubular-     incorrect connection of load bank
                                                                                          (connection of 240V to 120V circuits).
                  •  AC Amperes, 1/2%, + 1 digit      type element consisting of nichrome   Trips main contactor and activates alarm
                  •  Frequency,  1/2%. + 1 digit      resistance wire sealed within an incolloy   indicator.
                                                      sheath (nickel alloy). Electrically dead
                  •  KW, 1%, + 2 digits               exterior of element reduces hazard   Connection cable set, 10’, with ring lug
                  •  Power Factor, 2%, + 2 digits     of electric shock and short circuit of   terminations.
                  Master load switch, applies all load                                    NEMA type 1 enclosure, aluminum
                  preset with load step toggle switches  Element is rustproof, vibration and   construction, powder coated nickel-
                  Load step toggle switches           shock proof.                        metallic. Includes rubber feet,
                                                                                          combination carry handles and cable
                  Fan/control power toggle switch                                         wrap.

                                                                                   Rental Centers: Springfield, IL; Atlanta;
                                                                                   Baltimore; Boston; Denver; Houston; Minneapolis

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