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Rental Duty                                                          SOLAR-5R

                                                                           5 MVA, 0.8 P.F. Container Load Bank

                  Overview                            the important design features of a   which is removable for remote control.
                                                      container, including holding true to ISO   Software is available for control from
                  •  Very high capacity, resistive/inductive   container dimensions, incorporating   a user supplied Windows PC. Simplex
                    portable Load Bank                ISO container corner locking pins and   AutoTest software is available for full
                  •  5.0MVA, 4.0MW, 3.0MVAR           using heavy-duty formed and tubular   testing automation.
                                                      steel construction in a massive, rugged
                  •  Low voltage to 690vAC            weldment. A purpose-built enclosure   Features
                  •  ISO 20’ Container style enclosure   eliminates the compromises inherent
                                                      in reworking a used shipping container.
                  •  Digital load control             The resultant enclosure provides    •  Rugged, purpose built container style
                                                      4-sided service access and generous   enclosure based upon standard ISO
                                                                                            20-foot, high-cube design
                  Features                            internal space while maintaining
                                                      structural integrity.               •  Formed and tubular steel massive
                  The Simplex Solar-5 is a very large   The Solar-5 is intended for severe   weldment
                  capacity, resistive/inductive portable   portable duty. As such, the unit buttons-  •  Powered exhaust louvers
                  load bank capable of 0.8 power factor   up tight when not in use. Hot air exhaust
                  loads to 5.0MVA (4.0MW, 3.0MVAR).   is vertical, through roof mounted   •  Generous internal space and 4-sided
                  The Solar-5 is designed for low voltage   electrically operated louvers. Air intakes   access
                  application to 690vAC. PLC based    are on the side and covered by manual   •  Powr-Web resistive load elements
                  digital load control with touchscreen   hatches. The load bank is also suitable
                  operator interface is standard. The unit   for stationary application.  •  Iron-core inductors
                  is network capable with other Solar                                     •  IEC contactors
                  Load Banks as well as most standard   Two means of power connection are   •  Branch circuit fuse protection
                  Simplex Load Banks in order to form   provided: copper bus bars for bolt-on
                  large, ultra high capacity systems which   cables, and Cam-Lock type connectors   •  Copper bus bar and Cam-Lock style
                  can be controlled from a single operator   for Cam-lock type terminated cable.   cable connection provisions
                  interface with totalized data acquisition.
                                                      The Solar-5 is equipped with the    •  Comprehensive malfunction detection
                  The Solar-5 is packaged in a purpose-  advanced Simplex Digital Control   system
                  built, ISO 20’, high-cube container   System which provides touchscreen   •  Digital control and data acquisition
                  STYLE enclosure. Rather than re-    operator interface, keypad load entry,
                  purposing used ISO shipping containers,   data display and acquisition, Ethernet   •  Network capable
                  Simplex has ingeniously designed a   remote control. The load bank is   •  Automation software available
                  purpose-built enclosure which includes   equipped with a local operator interface

                                                                                   Rental Centers: Springfield, IL; Atlanta;
                                                                                   Baltimore; Boston; Denver; Houston; Minneapolis

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