Filtration Systems : Joe Filter

  Joe Filter Overview

Simplex Filtration System - JoeFilter

Joe Filter is a field service, job-site maintenance tool used to clean fuel in long-term storage tanks to 2,000 gallons. Fuel quality is paramount and poor fuel quality is a prime cause of generator set unreliability. Joe Filter is the ideal field service assistant for generator sets equipped with integral base tanks or day tanks. Joe is easily moved at the job-site by one person using the built-in wheels and handle and can be off-loaded from a service truck via a lift-gate or ramp.

Joe Filter provides complete fuel filtration and conditioning via a 5-micron, spin-on particulate filter and 2 PPM water coalescing and separating filter. A 6-gallon holding tank is included for draining of the separation canister.

  Joe Filter Features

Portable, aluminum construction, painted using a UL Listed powder-coat process
Equipped with casters and feet and handle
Top control panel with protective cover
Storage bin for hoses and wands
2 PPM water coalescing separator with collection sump and water detection switch
7 GPM, cast-iron gear pump; 1/4 HP, 120v motor
Spare spin-on filter included
6 gallon holding tank with float switch
Controls and Connections
Motor control relay and run/stop pushbuttons
Neon indicators: Power-On, Holding Tank Full, Water Collection Full, Filter Blocked
18" cord with plug, 120v, 15A
Selection of supply and return hoses and wands
1/2” inlet ball valve and 1/2” outlet ball valve, quick-disconnect couplings
How Joe Filter Works

Most fuel contaminants will settle from still fuel resulting in a stratification of fuel with contaminants concentrated in the lower strata. Therefore, it is necessary to circulate and filter the lower 25-33% of the tank contents. Using the included wands and hoses, Joe Filter will draw fuel from the bottom of the tank and return fuel into the upper portion with minimal disturbance of the settled strata resulting in good filtration performance and removal of contaminants and water.

Joe has a 7 GPM pump. So, for a 200-gallon base tank, to circulate 50 gallons, Joe only needs to work less than 8 minutes.