Tank Filling Systems : SmartPump

  SmartPump Overview

Simplex Tank Filling Systems - SmartPump

The SmartPump is a factory packaged system for transfer of fuel oil from gravity trucks to storage tanks and control of filling operations to prevent overfill and allow for full draining of the truck delivery hose. The SmartPump provides a ready means of ground level connection of the full hose, and captures spills that may occur at the fill point during filling operations. The SmartPump includes a high capacity fuel transfer pump and intelligent pump controls.

The Simplex SmartPump is available for use with fuel oil (Class-II liquids) or gasoline (Class-I liquids).

  SmartPump Features

EQ 706
Non-Explosion Proof Controller: UL 508A
Smart Pump:
Freestanding, pad mountable, open construction pumpset with weatherproof and lockable fill box with 7 gallon spill containment sump and weatherproof and lockable control box
2", 3" or 4" fittings
Quick disconnect hose coupling with dust plug
Inlet shutoff valve
Check valve
Outlet shutoff valve
Line purging valve
Spill sump drain valve
High capacity transfer pump
Controller described below
Ground stud
Couplers and adapters
Level transmitter for installation in 2" tank fitting minimum
Tank Full and High Level visual alarms
Tank Leak alarm
Audible alarm horn activated by alarms above
Power Available indicator
Control Power On-Off switch
Pump Start/Stop pushbuttons
Top-off/hose drain mode pushbutton
Pump starter
Type 3R control enclosure (fuel oil version)
Explosion proof control enclosure (gasoline version)
Mulitple Tank SmartPump:
The operator selects the tank to be filled with automatic lockout of off-line tank(s)
Sophisticated interlocks prevent inadvertent filling of a non-selected tank
Tank Full alert and High Fuel automatic shut-off
Tank level indicators
Electrically operated shut-off valves for each tank, shipped loose for installation at the inlet of each tank