Quality Simplex Load Banks and accessories are available as rental units from Simplex, with Simplex technicians available for system set-up, start-up, training and operation.

Being the manufacturer, Simplex is uniquely able to Build-to-Rent. If what you need is not in our large fleet of rental products, we can Build-to-Rent. In addition, we can customize to your requirements. We are not restricted to inventory.

Rental Load Banks are portable units suitable for field use. Click here to open the Simplex Rentals catalog or click here to download the Simplex Rentals catalog in page document format.

Simplex Swift-e R 10KW-20KW Load Bank Rental

Air-Cooled Hand Carry Rental
Units to 20kw, AC, air-cooled, for production line or field use.

dynaMITE R 400KW Resistive Load Bank Rental

Air-Cooled Portable Rental
A comprehensive line of portable, flexible design load banks for factory or field use when testing a wide range of power generators. 150kw to 700kw.

Trident 1250R Load Bank Rental

Air-Cooled Trailer Rental
Trailer load banks ideal for field testing in the performance of start-up and commissioning activities, service contracts and engine generator maintenance. Available in 1250kw and 2500kw capacities.

Saturn R 3200/2720KW Load Bank Rental

Air-Cooled Fork Crane Rental
Resistive, inductive, and or capacitive load banks for factory or field use. 600kw to 4mw. Units may be combined and networked for unlimited system capacities.

Ultra Large Load Bank Systems Rental

Air-Cooled Semi-Trailer Rental
Very large medium voltage trailer systems with single-point control from 2.5MW to 100MW. Capable of parallel operation to form very large systems of up to virtually unlimited capacity.

Atlantis-500R Water-Cooled Load Bank Rental

Water-Cooled Portable Rental
Innovative water-cooled load banks to 600vAC, to 250kw to 500kw for chiller, city water, closed-loop heat exchanger and natural water. Units are fully networkable for control of single or multiple units from a remote station.

Medium Voltage Transformer Rental

Transformers Rental
Nearly any desired medium voltage power source can be tested by combining our Medium Voltage Transformer Rental with a Simplex load bank.

Medium Voltage Transformer Rental

Cables Rental
Load Bank 50' and 100' cam type and stress cone portable power cables are extremely flexible and specifically designed for use on mobile equipment.

Simplex MicroStar R-N Precision Heater Rental

Rack Mount Rental
Comprehensive testing of data center hot aisle/cold aisle cooling systems. Up to 66 hubs of 3 heaters per hub can be networked for central control from a PC.