Small Portable : Infinity

  Infinity 200KW Digital Load Bank Overview

Simplex Load Banks - Infinity Small Portable Load Bank

The new Simplex Infinity 200 is simply the most advanced factory-standard load bank available anywhere. Digitally controlled infinite loads—simply enter any value from zero to max, and the load bank goes there. Ramp-up, ramp-down, infinitely. Roll-in, roll-out, 360-degree casters, forkliftable, connect up to 2 x 4/0 per phase. Daisy chain up to 40 Infinity or Powerstar load banks.

Upon initial start-up , the Infinity controller measures the applied voltage and calibrates the loads to that voltage. Therefore, at intermediate voltages, such as 440v, 416v, 220v, 208v, the load bank controller calibrates for the reduced capacity. Within the capacity of the load bank, the load requested is the load applied.

  Infinity 200KW Digital Load Bank Features

UL Listed
Unique compact 200kw load bank
UL Listed, United States and Canada
Lightweight and compact
Portable, self-contained
“Powr-Web” elements
Branch circuit fuse protection of load elements
Magnetic contactor control of load
Digital load control
Use at all common 50 or 60 Hertz voltages, to 480V AC
Digital Power Transducer, standard: Volts, Amps, Frequency, Kw
150°C XLP insulated power wiring
Cam-Type power connectors
Operate fan and control circuits from a common 120V wall outlet, 15’ cord provided
Forced air cooled, integral cooling fans
Fan motors protected by fuses
Control circuits fused
Comprehensive malfunction detection system:
- Overtemperature and fan failure protection
- Overvoltage protection
Continuous duty
Type-1 enclosure
Casters and handles provided