Air-Cooled Fork Crane : Load Ranger R

  Load Ranger R Load Bank Rental Overview

Load Ranger-R 3000KW Load Bank Rental

The Simplex Load Ranger-R is a very large capacity and fully portable load bank system. It is intended for field use in testing, maintenance and performance proving of generating systems. Simplex can configure operation at 480v or 600v. At a 3000kw rating, the Load Ranger-R is typically used to test large diesel generators, turbines, paralleled generators and shipboard generators. Combine the Resistive Load Ranger-R with the Inductive Load Ranger-IR for 0.8 power factor testing. Load Rangers represent the ultimate technology in large generator load testing performance. They can be digitally networked or to any large Simplex Load Bank to form ultra-large systems.

  Load Ranger R Load Bank Rental Features

With a purpose-built design consisting of rugged, all-welded, monolithic steel frame, heavy gauge steel sides, guarded hinged doors, power-operated ventilation louvers, the Load Ranger R is far superior to designs which use refurbished and modified ISO shipping containers. Three-sided access allows ready service of all components and facilitates the ultra-compact design.
Compact and easily transportable, the Load Ranger R is ideal for rental use. With a footprint of only 8 x 7 feet and a height of less than 8 feet, the Load Ranger R is easily transportable by drop-deck flat bed trailer. Lifting eyes and forklift channels simplify site movement.
Control System
The Load Ranger R utilizes digital load control for direct access of load values, block transitions, and user programmable automation.
The Simplex Load Ranger R represents the ultimate technology in large generator load testing performance. They can be digitally networked to other Load Rangers or to any large Simplex Onsite rental load bank to form ultralarge systems
System Protection
Sensors, alarms (alarm message on operator interface terminal), lock-outs as appropriate, for the following: fan failure, each of two fans; high exhaust temperature, each of two fans; high intake temperature, high interior temperature and ouver open/closed.
Power Connection
Bolt on bus bar and cam-lock style connectors behind hinge-up access door.
Forced air, vertical airflow. 2 x 10HP, 3-phase, TEFC motor direct driving cast aluminum fan blades. Circuit breaker.
Load Elements
Simplex Powr-Web: Open wire, helically wound, chromium alloy, load element thermally derated to 60%. 5% tolerance, 2% balance. .995 p.f. Element wire mechanically supported over entire length such that if a wire should break, the broken wire segments will not short to adjacent conductors or to ground. Load elements are individually serviceable and replaceable in the field without major disassembly of the load bank. The load elements are installed in slide-out, removable trays such that any element is easily accessed without disturbing any other elements.
Type 3R control section; Type 3R power section. Epoxy primed, polyurethane finish coating, dark gray and transport, storage D-rings. Lifting eyes, forklift channels, hinged, lockable, access doors with flush latches.