Filtration Systems : Filter Tank

  Filter Tank Overview

Simplex Filtration System - Filter Tank

The Simplex Filter Tank is a special variant of the Simplex Reliant Series Fuel Tanks. The Filter Tank incorporates an on-board filter-separator and an on-board pump. The pump can be either an included fill pump or return pump equipped with flow-control solenoid valves or a dedicated 2 gpm filter circulation pump.

Fuel is re-circulated, at a 2-10 gpm flow rate, in the day tank to remove harmful particles and water. Tank sizes are from 50 gallons to 400 gallons. Particulate filtration is 2 micron and water separation is 5 ppm.

Tanks are UL142 double-wall construction and the controllers are UL508 digital or analog.

  Filter Tank Features

Variant of Simplex Reliant Series, with inclusion of integral tank filtration system
PLC based programmable digital controller or analog control
UL142 double-wall tank construction
Fuel filter-separator
On-board pump
50-400 gallons
Use as day tanks, return tanks, source tanks
Use with fuel oil