Large Portable : Atlas-Megawatt

  Atlas-Megawatt 1000KW Digital Load Bank Overview

Simplex Load Banks - Atlas-Megawatt Large Portable Load Bank

The Simplex Atlas-Megawatt is an ultra large capacity, high performance Portable Load Bank designed to provide the manufacturers, distributors and users of large AC generators and UPS systems with sophisticated testing capability.

The Atlas-Megawatt provides 1000kw of resistive load at both 240V and 480V, 3- phase. It can be applied at any AC voltage to 480VAC, 50-60-400 Hertz, single or 3-phase. Load step resolution is 5kw.

The Atlas-Megawatt is a totally self contained testing system. It includes all resistive load elements, load control devices, load element circuit protective devices, connection cable set, cooling system, malfunction detection system, control power supply and test instrumentation.

  Atlas-Megawatt 1000KW Digital Load Bank Features

  • UL Listedd
  • UL File Number: E151624.
  • Digital Control: PLC based control with 8-inch color TFT touchscreen interface. MODBUS over RS-485 network communication.
  • Instrumentation: Digital power transducer with Ethernet communication to digital controller. Data display on touchscreen. Data acquisition and recording.
  • Load Elements: Simplex Powr-Web chromium alloy, open wire, continuously supported, power resistor.
  • Load Control: 3-Pole magnetic contactors.
  • Load Element Circuit Protection: Branch circuit fuses. One set of fuses each 50KW branch. Fuses are current limiting type, 200KAIC, 600V, enabling safe use on large generating or UPS system.
  • Cooling System: Forced Air - 27,700 CFM
  • Malfunction Detection System: Protection against fan failure, high exhaust air temperature, high intake air temperature, overvoltage and fan reversal. Exhaust air temperature displays on screen.
  • Control Power Supply: Dual voltage control power transformer with supply power switchable to internal (generator) or external.
  • Touchscreen: Easily removable from panel.
  • Control Wiring: 105°C, color coded.
  • Power Wiring: 150°C XLP color-coded.
  • Connection: 12’ connection cable set including 3-phase power cables, ground cable, stored in rear compartment.