Radiator Airflow Cooled : Vector

  Vector 5KW-400KW Load Bank Overview

Vector load banks are radiator air cooled units designed for rooftop mounting on enclosed generator sets which have an air turning plenum to exhaust air vertically, through the roof. The Vector load bank mounts over the air exhaust opening and is cooled by the radiator air outflow. Typically, the control section of the load bank overhangs the front of the generator set enclosure, allowing bottom conduit entry. They are fully weatherproof and intended for outdoor installation and operation in all weather conditions. Vector Load Banks are UL/CUL Listed.

Vector load banks are available in a plain galvanized finish or powder-coated to match the generator set enclosure.

  Vector 5KW-400KW Load Bank Features

Standardized, modular construction for quick delivery.
UL Listedd
UL File Number: E151624.
Simplex Vector load banks can be used to satisfy the requirements of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) for emergency stand-by power systems.
Load Elements
Utilizes the UL Recognized Simplex Powr-Rod element.
System Controls
Given the rooftop mounting of the Vector Load Bank, remote operator controls are included for installation in a user convenient location.
Manual or automatic, analog or digital controllers. Automatic options include automatic load regulating, automatic exercise, and regenerative power control.
Control compartments thermally insulated from load elements.
Utilizes the air outflow of an engine radiator.
Malfunction Protections
Cooling failure sensors lock out load application.
Load Circuit Protection: branch circuit fuses. One set of fuses each 50KW branch. Fuses are current limiting type, 200,000 AIC, 600V, enabling safe use on large generating or UPS system.
Load Control
Branch circuit contactors each step or each 50KW circuit maximum.
Contactors with enclosed silver surfaced contacts, 120V coils; electrically operated and electrically held.
Control Wiring: 105°C, color coded.
Power Wiring: 150°C XLP color-coded.
Cables connect to full rated copper bus bar with an oversized terminal junction box.
Galvanized steel construction. Galvanized finish or powder-coated to match the generator set enclosure.
Standard dimensions up to 60" length and width. Lengths or widths over 80" require welded heavy gauge sheet steel construction.
Service access panels.