Fuel Pump Sets : Packaged Pump Sets

  SPS Series Overview

Simplex Fuel Pump Sets - Packaged Pump Set

The SPS Series standard models feature a tamper proof enclosure suitable for wall or pad mounting indoors or outdoor when ordered with Type 3R option. Mechanical and electrical devices are installed in isolated compartments. Its free-standing cabinet design is a space saver. External ports are provided for field plumbing connections.

Interior cabinet space limitations dictate accessory selection and pump size. Three standard cabinet sizes are available accomodating a variaty of configurations from a single 25 gpm pump and 5 hp motor to a quadplex 2 gpm pumps and 1/2 hp motors.

  SPS Series Features

The SPS-25 and SPS-55 Models are designed for relatively large and/or complex single pumps, or progressively complex or large duplex pump applications
Analog controller standard
PLC based network compatible controller optional
TYPE 1 indoor enclosure standard
TYPE 3R weatherproof enclosure, optional
Finish UL Listed powder-coat process
Wall or pad mountable
Segregated electrical and mechanical compartments within enclosure
Enclosure drip pan and leak detector
Pressure relief valve, external port for relief to tank available
Pump disconnect circuit upon leak detection
Inlet, outlet and pressure relief manifolds
Fuel connections made to fittings in sidewalls
High performance hydraulic gear pumps
Pump shutoffs available
Industrial motors
Motor starter with overload relay and disconnect available
Disconnect switch interlocked with hinged door