Transformers Rental : Medium Voltage Transformer

  Medium Voltage Transformer Rental Overview

Medium Voltage Transformer Rental

Suitable for stepping-down medium voltage power sources for low voltage applications (such as load testing). Nearly any desired medium voltage power source can be tested by combining this transformer with an Simplex load bank. The transformer can be delivered to the job site together with the desired load bank, in a pre-connected, seamless package mounted on a trailer.

  Medium Voltage Transformer Rental Features

3500, 65°C Rise, 5.75% impedance, 85°C
Insulating Liquid
Mineral Oil, “Non-PCB.”, 780 GAL
Three Phase, Class-Onan, 60Hertz
BIL - H.V/L.V 95kV / 30kV
Conductor MAT
H.V./L.V - AL/AL
Primary Voltages
2400v, 4160v, 6928v, 7200v, 7620v, 7970v, 8320v, 12,000v, 12,470v, 13,200v, 13,800v, 14,400v
Secondary Voltages
600Y/346v, 480Y/277v