Control and Monitoring : TC8 Tank Alarm Panel

  TC8 Tank Alarm Panel Overview

Simplex Fuel Systems - Control and Monitoring - TC8 Tank Alarm Panel

The Simplex TC8 Tank Alarm Panel is used to monitor High Fuel Level, Low Fuel Level, and Tank Leaks through audio and visual alarms. Additional level indicators are optional.

Relay dry contacts are provided for remote alarms. The TC8 receives signals from float switches mounted on the tank. The float switches may be included as an option or provided by others.

The TC8 Tank Alarm Panel is available in 115VAC and 24VDC voltages. The TC8 is for use with fuel oil or other Class II liquids or non-flammable liquids or chemicals. The TC8 carries a UL 508A Label.

  TC8 Tank Alarm Panel Features

Indicators and Controls
High Level Alarm Light
Low Level Alarm Light
Tank Leak Alarm Light
Press To Test pushbutton
Press To Reset pushbutton
Alarm Horn with Press To Silence pushbutton
Dry contacts for High, Low, Leak Alarms
Additional level sensors are optional
Type 3R, lockable enclosure with hinged door
UL 508A Listed