Stationary : Neptune

  Neptune 200KW-650KW Load Bank Overview

Simplex Load Banks - Neptune Stationary Load Bank

High capacity load testing of generators, UPS, and other AC power sources; periodic reliability exercise of standby generators; automatic load leveling and minimum load regulation; regenerative/reverse power protection and other load bank applications is possible with the Simplex Neptune Version 2.0 Load Bank Series.

The Simplex Neptune Version 2.0 is a highly standardized, advanced design, digitally controlled Load Bank Series spanning the 200-650kw range at common 60 Hertz and 50 Hertz low voltages. Neptune V2.0 Is a standard inventory item with versatile control and application possibilities.

Neptune V2.0 is intended for outdoor or indoor installation. As with all Simplex Planet Series Load Banks, the Neptune is UL/CUL Listed.

  Neptune 200KW-650KW Load Bank Features

Completely self-contained, freestanding unit which includes all resistive load elements, load control devices, load element branch circuit fuse protection, main load bus and terminals, cooling system, control power supply, unit controller and malfunction detection system and NEMA type enclosure.
Highly standardized inventory item designed for quick turn-around.
Supported by nationwide service centers.
UL Listedd
UL File Number: E151624.
Can be used to satisfy the requirements of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) for emergency stand-by power systems.
System Controls
Digitally controlled via an on-board PLC, which accepts standard programs for manual, automatic and multi-station control, as well as data monitoring and data acquisition. Designed for local or remote control, including multi-station control, using a standard digital, color touchscreen HMI. Remote control connection is simplified through use of RS-485 over shielded/twisted pair network cable (1000m). Local/remote HMI is housed in a weather/tamper resistant, lockable enclosure.
Manual control via direct numeric keypad entry is standard.
Option available for automatic load regulation via KW sensing to maintain a constant load on the generator. Load level, bandwidth, and timing are user programmable from the touchscreen. This function can be used for minimum loading to prevent wet-stacking and other low load issues, engine optimum loading for emissions control and for regenerative power protection. May also be used to stabilize voltage and frequency transients. With the automation option, full display of load bank electrical values (V-A-Hz-KW) is provided on the touchscreen, with MODBUS registers provided for remote indication and data acquisition.
Option available for Load Bank integration with Building Automation Systems via Modbus RTU RS-485 or Modbus TCP.
Load Elements
Elements mounted in easily accessible, slide out trays.
Simplex Powr-Web chromium alloy, open wire, continuously supported, power resistor.
UL Recognized
Element Circuit Protection
Branch circuit fuses, each 50KW branch circuit, 200kAIC, current limiting type.
Integral forced air cooling system.
3-phase, direct drive motor driving cast aluminum fan blade.
Circuit breaker combination motor starter.
Rain shedding exhaust hood.
Cooling airflow through the enclosure is vertical with cold air intake at the bottom and hot air exhaust out the top.
System Protection / Malfunction Detection
Fan failure, high exhaust temperature, high intake temperature; lockout and alarm.
Exhaust temperature indicated on screen.
Load Circuit Protection: branch circuit fuses. One set of fuses each 50KW branch. Fuses are current limiting type, 200,000 AIC, 600V, enabling safe use on large generating or UPS system.
Load Control
Branch circuit contactors each step, overall 50KW circuit maximum.
Contactors with enclosed silver surfaced contacts, 120V coils; electrically operated and electrically held.
Power Wiring
150°C, color-coded, numbered.
Control Wiring
105°C, color coded, numbered.
Power Connection
Plated bus bar within an oversize terminal junction box.
Modular enclosure consists of three parts: power section, control section, and exhaust hood.
Type 3R weatherproof power section includes load elements and cooling fan.
Type 3R weatherproof control section is thermally and electrically isolated from resistive load power section.
The rain shedding exhaust hood mounts on the top of the power section. The exhaust hood may be deleted and a duct flange provided for indoor applications where air is exhausted through a duct to the outdoors.
The load bank enclosure is of double wall construction for cool exterior.
All access via hinged doors with lockable latches.
All exterior fasteners are stainless steel.
Intake and exhaust openings are screened.
Enclosure is powder-coated dark gray.
Exhaust hood is powder-coated high temperature black.