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  Trident 600KW-2500KW Trailer Load Bank Overview

Simplex Load Banks - Trident Trailer Load Bank

The Trident Trailer Load Bank is ideal for field testing in the performance of start-up and commissioning activities, service contracts and engine generator maintenance. The Trident family comprises load modules from 600-1250kw integrated with trailers, cable storage and connection accessories and digital controls. The Trident 1250 is a single load module product. The Trident 2500 is a two load module product, 1500- 2500kw rated. The Trident is a single or dual voltage Load Bank suitable for all common 50-60-400 hertz voltages up to 600V.

  Trident 600KW-2500KW Trailer Load Bank Features

NRTL Listed: CSA-US or CSA-Canada.
Simplex Trident load banks can be used to satisfy the requirements of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) for emergency stand-by power systems.
Digital Control
PLC based control with 8-inch color TFT touchscreen interface. MODBUS over RS-485 network communication.
Nominal 5.0 kw resolution: direct enter any load value and controller will apply load within nominal 5kw resolution.
Controller automatically calibrates loads for reduced voltage operation.
Digital power transducer with Ethernet communication to digital controller. Data display on touchscreen. Data acquisition and recording.
Load Elements
Simplex "Powr-Web" chromium alloy, open wire, continuously supported, power resistor.
Load Control
3-Pole contactors.
Load Element Circuit Protection
Branch circuit fuses. One set of fuses each 50KW branch. Fuses are current limiting type, 200KAIC, 600V.
Cooling System
3-phase, direct-drive fan, 21,000 CFM per load module.
Malfunction Detection System
Protection against fan failure, high exhaust air temperature, high intake air temperature, overvoltage and fan reversal. Exhaust air temperature displays on screen.
Control Power Supply
Dual voltage control power transformer with supply power switchable to internal (generator) or external.
Touch Screen
Easily removable from panel.
Cam-Lock style cable connectors behind hinged door. 4/0, 400A. Snap-back protective covers. Also available orange-brown-yellow.
Cable Storage
Capacity: 900-feet x 4/0 (1" cable), perfect wrap; 750-feet x 4/0 (1" cable), nominal wrap.
Standard Reel Features: Manual, gear driven, crank rewind; Pinion brake; 2" steel channel frame, powder coated.
Construction: Structural steel chassis, steel deck, all welded, built to DOT specification, NTM DOT certification label.
Axles: Tandem.
Hitch: 2-5/16" ball hitch or 3" pintle ring.
Brakes: Electric with breakaway system or hydraulic surge, mechanical parking brake.
Suspension: Leaf springs.
Features: Safety chains, DOT LED lighting with connector, reflectors, tie down rings, rear stabilizers, front lift jack, mud deflectors.
Standard Finish: Dark gray polyurethane with epoxy primer.
Optional Finishes: Customer selected color. Undercoating. LINE-X overall protective coating. Hot dip galvanizing.