Mission Critical : Management Systems

  Mission Critical Systems Overview

Simplex Mission Critical Fuel Supply Systems - Master Control Panel

Simplex Mission Critical Systems are comprehensive, integrated, project-matched fuel management systems for diesel and turbine generators used in critical applications demanding the highest reliability, such as data centers, public safety and security nodes, transportation hubs and other applications where utmost dispatch dependability is essential. The core of the Mission Critical Systems includes a proven line of industrial products engineered for the maximum amount of redundancy (valves, pumps, controls, PLCs, power supplies, probes, level sensors, etc.). The scope spans from the point of fuel delivery to the facility to the engine fuel pump, potentially covering every aspect of the system except basic infrastructure, such as pipe and bulk supply tanks.

  Mission Critical Systems Features

  • Control: PLC based dual, redundant PLC system with auto-poling and auto backup reversion, internal modem with ethernet and MODBUS communications capablity.
  • Fully Networked: Network operation of all elements and network interface to BMS.
  • UL Listings.
  • Tank Construction: Double-wall.
  • High Level of Redundancy: Redundant PLC controllers, dual power supplies, back-up level sensors, dual elements wherever possible, layered alarm systems, and full manual backups.
  • Pipe Fittings, Pipeline Sensors and Valves: Ferrous construction, socket-welded or flanged mounting.
  • Pumps: Cast iron construction, flanged fittings.
  • Conservative materials selection and application.
  • Industrial control devices.
  • Comprehensive Services: Design and submittal consultation, start-up, operator training, commissioning, and fast-response service.