Rentals Fundamentals

Simplex Load Bank Rental and Technical Services

Quality Simplex Load Banks and accessories are available as rental units from Simplex, with Simplex technicians available for system set-up, start-up, training and operation.

Rental Load Banks are portable units suitable for field use. Rental load banks are differentiated by capacity, voltage and frequency rating, and relative portability. They are digitally controlled and network capable. PowerStar Load Banks can be networked in systems of up to 40 units, but cannot be networked to other models. All other rental Load Banks can be networked in any combination and in any mix of models, up to a practical limit of 20 units. Rental Load Banks, except PowerStar, have data acquisition capability. PowerStar requires accessory data acquisition package. For more information, open the Simplex Rentals catalog. or download the Simplex Rentals catalog in page document format.

Rental Load Bank Considerations

  1. Capacity required for the test: KW, power factor, Voltage
  2. Rental Load Bank System Architecture: one unit or multiple networked units
  3. Site conditions for the test: indoor/outdoor, ventilation and access limitations, environmental conditions
  4. Duration of test, if system is to remain set-up for long periods
  5. Control requirements: local/remote, manual/automatic
  6. Data acquisition requirements
  7. Connection cable requirements
  8. Technician/operator requirements
  9. Other accessories needed

Custom Build-to-Rent

Being the manufacturer, Simplex is uniquely able to Build-to-Rent. If what you need is not in our large fleet of rental products, we can Build-to-Rent. In addition, we can customize to your requirements. We are not restricted to inventory.

Delivery and Pickup

Your load bank rental system delivered to your jobsite and picked up by Simplex.

How to Rent a Load Bank

Simplex Load Banks that are available for rental have a "Purchase or Rental?" option on the Request a Quote form. If after you submit your request and more information is required, a Simplex representative will contact you. Our goal is to be customer focused and we strive to provide our proposals in a timely manner. If you need immediate assistance, contact:

Kevin Nicholls
800-637-8603 x 420